Forging a
Healthcare Frontier

The What

Creating a brand that resonates.

Theta Health Group is a healthcare conglomerate formed by various medical practitioners and providers, including the founders of CityMD, which sold in 2022 for 1B. After receiving 3B in funding, they called in 321 to establish a multifaceted and ever-scaling brand framework to bring to market.

Through a series of collaborative workshops we defined a brand positioning strategy, while uncovering the need for a new naming strategy across their various hospital, clinic, lab, and corporate locations.


  • Brand Framework
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
Our Approach

321 was brought into the organization as the established brand and marketing partner. We began by understanding the existing organizational structure and how the business intends to scale. It is through this exercise that we began to establish the brand framework. 

The Outcome

We ultimately tapped into the research done by Harvard Medical School and the Picker’s Institute around the principles of care. Theta is the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, which parallels perfectly with the eight care principles established by the study.

We developed three viable brand directions for Theta, each with it’s own voice and visual impact. As one of their primary differentiators is regenerative services, their brand positioning needed to visually stand apart from the sterile experiences their competitors offered. Theta care givers are known for their bedside manner, and every brand touchpoint would need to align to this spa-like experience.

What's Next

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