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The What

Redefining how wellness changes lives.

Health First Health Plans is a Medicare Advantage and Individual & Family insurance provider serving Central Florida.

For over a decade, Health First has called on 321 to support their strategic marketing approach, specifically their Annual Enrollment Period campaign, designed to attract and engage individuals aged 65 and above. From October to December each year, Health First Health Plans seizes the opportunity to showcase its comprehensive plans and help seniors make informed choices about their Medicare Advantage coverage.


  • Digital Media Placement
  • Asset Creation
  • Traditional Media Placement

Health First has clear goals for the marketing efforts are AEP. They aim to retain their current members and obtain new members by showcasing their exceptional health plan offerings. They actively engage with prospective individuals by hosting informative seminars held both in-person and online, which can be attributed to the success of 321’s marketing efforts.

Our Approach

We implemented a truly integrated media strategy, spanning traditional media channels, such as print and standard direct mail, and widely used digital channels, such as Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook Image/Video ads, and Facebook Lead Form ads.

We paired these channels along with 321 AdTech products such as Friends Targeting and Reverse Append. With these efforts, we were able to remain top of mind for our target audiences throughout the sales funnel, from awareness, down to conversion.

Proprietary Advertising Technology

To reach the desired demographic and enhance Health First Health Plans' brand visibility, 321 employed our advanced Ethos IP technology to analyze their customer database and create a tailored audience list. This meticulously curated target group received personalized display advertisements and direct mail.

Conversion Attribution

To ensure Health First could see tangible results from our efforts, we assigned unique phone numbers to each mailer, enabling accurate tracking of conversions and their correlation with specific direct mail campaigns.

The Results
  • Achieved search CTR 5.4% over industry average.
  • Implemented proprietary advertising technology to precisely target the desired audience.
  • Enhanced conversion rate and lead quality through rigorous A/B testing.





What's Next

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