Moving You.


Redefining Berkshire Hathaway.

Faced with a competitive landscape comprised of established legacy brands and emerging boutique players, Berkshire Hathaway sought to strengthen its positioning, messaging, visual identity, and advertising tactics. Through a comprehensive analysis of the company’s branding efforts, 321 contributed to its success in driving revenue growth and differentiating itself within the crowded real estate industry.


  • Brand Framework
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Client Playbook
Our Approach

Understanding the distinct needs and preferences of Berkshire Hathaway of Georgia's primary audiences, Real Estate Agents and Consumers, was crucial for creating a successful brand framework. Through this understanding, a comprehensive and adaptable brand framework was developed, enabling effective communication and engagement with both audiences.

The Results
  • Created a comprehensive and segmented brand guidelines.
  • Create an annual marketing plan based on consumer and agents.
  • Deployed seasonal campaigns based on persona.

What's Next

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