The Cult of Personality: 321 Explores Their Myers-Briggs Types

The Cult of Personality: 321 Explores Their Myers-Briggs Types

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By: 321

September 26, 2018


When the mother-daughter team of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers began expanding on Carl Jung’s personality type theories back in 1926, they probably never imagined that almost a century later millennials everywhere would obsessively comb through their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results in the shameless search for self-discovery.
Perhaps it’s the tiny narcissist in all of us, but if there’s anything personality typing is good at it’s satisfying the innate human need to revel at our own minds while simultaneously “figuring out” those around us.
The MBTI system categorizes individuals into 16 different personality types that take into account Introversion vs. Extroversion, Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving. We decided to apply personality typing to our team here at 321 the Agency to give us insight into how we each see the world. The following are our team’s results.

INTJ: The Mastermind

  • Stephanie, Copywriter
  • Olivia, Designer
  • Ryan, Digital Strategist
  • Clayton, Digital Strategist
  • Jean, Developer

Practically confetti trapped inside an iron safe, INTJs are notorious for sporting perpetually neutral facial expressions while actually being relentlessly playful. INTJs can’t help but dissect everything into interconnected patterns, making Stephanie, Olivia, Ryan, Clayton, and Jean excellent strategizers with carefully plotted plans for even the smallest aspects of their lives.

INTP: The Logician

  • Jeff, Sr. Digital Strategist
  • Brad, Developer

Philosophers at heart, INTPs would rather provide their close friends with intellectual pearls of wisdom than make small talk with strangers. Dubbed the “Logicians”, everything INTPs do is functional and part of a bigger picture. Their ability to deeply analyze pretty much anything makes Brad and Jeff top-notch strategists.

ENTJ: The Commander

  • Joe, Founder and CEO
  • Alex, Account Manager
  • Grant, UI/UX Designer

Known as “the Commanders”, ENTJs are electric individuals without “off” buttons. Always buzzing with seemingly boundless energy, ENTJs see inefficiency as debilitating and therefore not an option. They say ENTJs enjoy their work so much, it’s their main source of fun — which makes us think it’s time we took Joe, Alex, and Grant out for a drink.

ENTP: The Debater

  • Nico, Social Media Strategist
  • Greg, Account Manager

Nico and Greg are our resident ENTP “Debaters”. Get them together for more than a few minutes and they’ll have your head spinning with their ping-pong-like banter. Excellent brainstormers with a knack for playing devil’s advocate, ENTPs will wholeheartedly debate anything — just because they can.

ISTJ: The Logistician

  • Dan, Director of Digital Strategy

Responsible, stable, and reliable are just some of the adjectives used to describe ISTJs. As a steady and productive contributor to all things 321 — from directing our digital department to managing the T:MINUS podcast — Dan fits the “Logistician” type to a tee.

ESFJ: The Consul

  • Carey, Chief Strategy Officer
  • John, Sr. SEO Specialist
  • Lauren, Quality Assurance Specialist

ESFJs are the first to show up to the party and the last to leave. When they’re not basking in the spotlight, they can be found hustling hard at work. It’s safe to say that “I can’t help it that I’m popular” is definitely this trio’s favorite Mean Girls quote.

ISFJ: The Protector

  • Melissa, Director of Operations
  • Kim, Office Manager
  • Zoey, Designer
  • Stephen, Developer
  • Kylie, Accounts Manager

As the proverbial bottles of glue that hold us together, ISFJs are some of the most supportive of the MBTI bunch. ISFJs are known to develop personal attachments to organizations once their enthusiasm blossoms into loyalty, which makes it pretty obvious why these five are the supportive backbone of their departments.

ENFJ: The Protagonist

  • Carmen, Creative Director
  • Michael, Accounts Manager

Charismatic, authentic, and enviably eloquent — these traits make Carmen and Michael true ENFJs. Their almost juxtaposed blend of a humble confidence, paired with an approachable nature, makes them superb leaders with a talent for rallying and motivating the team.

ENFP: The Campaigner

  • Tyler, Director of Product & Technology
  • Jamori, Designer
  • Jeffrey, Developer

These lightning-in-a-bottle types are hard to keep still. Always chasing the next big thing, Jamori, Tyler, and Jeffrey need to constantly experience the thrill of life while using their contagious excitement to inspire those around them.

INFJ: The Advocate

  • Russell, Sr. Production Designer
  • Sam, SEO Specialist

Making up less than one percent of the population, INFJs are the rarest personality type. Although seemingly soft-spoken, INFJs like Russell and Sam are quirky, creative sages who just want to be everybody’s pal.

INFP: The Dreamer

  • Jessica, Sr. Copywriter
  • Luc, Creative Lead
  • Mike, Multimedia Designer

Idealists through and through, INFPs are sensitive, artistic, and self-expressive. Sharing their MBTI types with Kurt Cobain, William Shakespeare, and John Lennon means Jess, Luc, and Mike are the official tortured artists of the office.
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