5 Ways to Stay Authentic on Social Media

5 Ways to Stay Authentic on Social Media

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January 11, 2017


Let’s admit it – social media is one big filter. Sometimes we’re so particular about what we share and how we project ourselves that our accounts end up looking totally different than our lives actually do.
And, unfortunately, businesses have found themselves in the same situation. But, if you’re trying to grow your company’s social following, it’s time to turn off the filters. Your followers want authenticity. When looking at your company’s social media posts, they want to see posts that are human, helpful and honest.
So, to help you connect with your audience, and increase engagement, we’ve put together some tried-and-true strategies for increasing your authenticity on social media.

  1. Post Photos and Videos

Photo and video content can help your followers visualize your company’s culture. It gives them insight into who you are — beyond the work your produce. So, showcase the fun times ­— the holiday parties and the staff outings — but also capture the times where the office is silent and hard at work. These candid photos will resonate with your followers much more than any stock photo will. You can even utilize Facebook’s live stream feature, or record a time-lapse video to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at “a day in the life” at your office.

  1. Allow Your Followers to Get to Know Your Team

Chances are, your employees are pretty cool people, so allow your followers to get to know them by incorporating interviews and quotes into social media and blog posts. Give your followers insight into the lives of the people running the place and introduce them to the newbies. Show off the personalities of the people that make the office’s gears turn so your followers can see that your business is more than just a clever campaign or witty tagline.

  1. Engage Your Followers

Nothing shows authenticity like holding real, one-on-one conversations, and social media is the perfect outlet to do this. Review each and every comment on your social media feeds and blog posts, and try to respond to as many as you can — especially if you come across negative comments.
When a customer reaches out with a complaint or comment, nothing makes you look more uninterested in your customers’ relationship with your business than not responding. Even if you simply respond with a way a better way to reach someone who can address the issue, your customer will appreciate feeling like they’ve been heard.

  1. Post in Real Time

Even the most unobservant social media users can start to see a pattern if you’re scheduling your social media posts for the same times each week. One way you can make your posts feel more human and less automatic is by occasionally posting in real time. Post while things are happening, like sharing an image of your current location or reacting to breaking news that’s relevant to your industry.

  1. Keep a Consistent Voice

When blogging or posting to your company’s social media accounts, make sure to stay in line with your brand’s voice. But if you forget to write conversationally, your posts may come across as nothing more than shameless self-promotion. So, keep it professional, but strive to be approachable — with a dash of humor.
All-in-all, authenticity helps build your brand’s value by making you more memorable to your followers, which strengthens your relationships with current customers. It also helps prime potential customers who may be more likely to turn to you when they need the service or product your business offers.
And if you’re looking for more ways to boost your company’s brand, let’s chat!

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