T:MINUS Podcast: Influencer Marketing – Where It's Going ft. Statusphere

T:MINUS Podcast: Influencer Marketing – Where It's Going ft. Statusphere

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By: 321

August 16, 2018

T:MINUS is back, folks! The wait is finally over and season 2 is here. For those of you that are new to T:MINUS, don’t worry – we will get you up to speed. 
T:MINUS is our weekly podcast that revolves around trending topics in the digital marketing realm, meaning the latest tech releases or newest viral ads are fair game for discussion. We try to keep things focused on exploration and learning, pushing the boundaries of our conversations and taking topics to new heights. 
This week on T:MINUS we brought on Kristen Wiley and Theresa Joseph from  Statusphere to talk influencer marketing. We discussed oversaturation in the market, tapping into consumer audiences, what Statusphere is, and even Kylie Jenner. Yes – you read that right. Kylie Jenner. 
So, take a seat, put on your headphones and get ready to hear your weekly dose of all things marketing from T:MINUS by 321 the Agency.
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Discussion Points:

  • :20 seconds: What is Statusphere?
  • 1:30 seconds: What came first – the chicken or the egg?
  • 3:05 seconds: Pain points for influencers and brands
  • 5:32 seconds: Oversaturation, dilution, and inauthenticity in the market
  • 11:20 seconds: Unilever Mentality 
  • 14:07 seconds: Athlete sponsorships and celebrity endorsements
  • 18:35 seconds: Where influencer marketing works and where it doesn’t
  • 24:30 seconds: Reviews, referrals, and word of mouth
  • 31:15 seconds: Kylie Jenner and tapping into consumer audiences 
  • 35:30 seconds: Are the best influencers nerds?
  • 39:00 seconds: McDonalds and big brands using influencers
  • 45:55 seconds: The best influencers will rise to the top

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