Who Run the World? Girls. 321 The Agency Hosts MAD WMN

Who Run the World? Girls. 321 The Agency Hosts MAD WMN

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By: 321

July 31, 2019

MAD WMN is a discussion-based developmental series exploring diversity and equality in the advertising and marketing biz in Orlando. In other words, a space for badass women and nonbinary folks to chat candidly about what it’s like to work in an industry where dudes still dominate. Launched by 321’s Social Media Strategist, Nico Bryan, Lead Production Designer, Zoey Zimmerman, and Copywriter, Stephanie Donis, MAD WMN is the only event of its kind for the City Beautiful.

For MAD WMN’s first event, Gina Lockwood of Designzillas, Makeeda Farrell of &Barr, and 321’s own, Cathleen Ayala spoke off-the-cuff about success and what that individually means to them. Needless to say, success isn’t something you can define on a cheesy motivational poster. Each professional discussed their barometer of success, their journeys to where they are today in their careers, balancing home and work life, navigating power struggles for them to be heard, the importance of mentors early in their careers, and how they now proudly wear the badge of a mentor.

“MAD WMN is truly scratching an itch within the Orlando advertising and marketing communities. Safe spaces for women and non-binary folks to authentically be themselves in the most radically transparent of ways is not always possible in these verticals,” states Nico Bryan. 
“Even in 2019, we still operate and function within the shadow of white-centric, male-driven advertising. Within the shadows though, is where these intimate conversations and panel discussions become particularly crucial. While we don’t think that women and non-binary folks need to be the bearers of all this mental and emotional labor, we are stoked to be the catalyst for these discussions and cannot wait to see how we all flourish together in this little community we’re building.”

With a mix of word wranglers, tech sorceresses, data miners, visual architects, social media butterflies, accounts mavens, and captains of all things operations, MAD WMN seeks to empower, enlighten, and educate creative professionals through its series of quarterly events.

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