No Shoes, No Office, No Problem: How 321 the Agency is Taking on Working Remotely

No Shoes, No Office, No Problem: How 321 the Agency is Taking on Working Remotely

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By: 321

August 6, 2018

Telecommuting is the talk of the town. Businesses of all sizes are doing it. Entrepreneurs are doing it. Even your grandma’s doing it. 
Okay, maybe not her, but census studies do show that, although it may seem like a Millennial’s game,working remotely is being observed increasingly amongst older generations. In fact, the average telecommuter is a college educated Baby Boomer. 
As an agency that values the noble search for the mythical unicorn that is work/life balance, we set out to see if work/life balance is really an achievable state or just another elusive theory. 
But of course, like with any endeavor, there were hesitations.

As an agency that also deeply values collaboration between departments, we worried that our collaborative environment would become the inevitable collateral damage on our journey to un-blur the delicate line between work and life. 
Because of this, we began dipping our toes into the telecommuter experiment by allowing our employees to work from home every other Wednesday. After two months of practicing this, we’ve found that not only did it make our team 13 percent more productive, it also wasn’t as hindering to our collaborative approach as we initially thought.  
Other than being able to work an entire eight hours in our pajamas with our pets soundly asleep in our laps, another work-from-home perk we experienced was the time saved commuting to and from work. 
The average driving time for an employee to get to and from the agency is 20 minutes. If we calculate the entire office’s driving time, it equals out to a combined 2,400 minutes, or 40 hours, of driving time saved every month. That’s an entire work week.  

The shift toward encouraging employees to telecommute is rewriting the rulebook on what it means to go to work. 
By working remotely, our employees no longer feel bogged down by the daily distractions that working in an office pose. Employees also don’t feel like they’re racing against a clock to get everything done in the eight hours allotted for in the office setting. 
Overall, working from home has helped our employees get a better grasp of balancing the spinning plates that are work and life. Here’s to not letting them crash around us. 

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