321 Promotes Cathleen Ayala to Vice President

321 Promotes Cathleen Ayala to Vice President

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By: 321

January 8, 2021

321 Team

We are excited to announce the promotion of Cathleen Ayala from Director of Operation to Vice President of 321. Cathleen is an accomplished leader in the industry, starting her career in Project Management in New York City before making Orlando, Florida her home. Since then, she’s dedicated a large portion, if not all, of her professional career to working at agencies whether it be in advertising, marketing or software development. As an analytical thinker and problem solver, she’s shown incredible skill in creating operational efficiencies and delivering exceptional results for clients and project teams. 

As Vice President of 321, Cathleen will direct and lead the implementation of efficient operations and systems that will meet the current and future needs of the Agency. She will be the leader of all our departments, from creative to client services, leaning into our values daily to provide innovative solutions and measurable results. This critical role will continue to support 321’s drive to be a place where creatives and agency strategists can create the best work and experiences of their lives. 

In her own words, Cathleen says “Every experience is an opportunity for growth. From the moment I started, 321 has always had a very strong growth mindset and willingness to adapt to change. As I continue to evolve professionally and personally, I see our growth aligning in areas that directly impact our leadership with radical candor, our culture through transparent communication and empathy, and our clients with compelling insights, effectual solutions and solid partnerships.”

Having experienced both the ups and downs of working in agencies, Cathleen has established a strong understanding of how to approach these fast paced, creative environments.

“Stepping into this role represents years of great and not so great experiences that have profoundly shaped my outlook on what is possible when the right people, processes and sheer creative grit align. This business can sometimes be described as chaotic. I have at times thrived in that chaos. I am a self-proclaimed quiet storm that vibrates calm, with intention, and a genuine passion for what I do. This promotion means that when you show up at the table wholeheartedly, authentically and strong, people will respect that and you.

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