Boost your Social Media

Boost your Social Media

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By: 321

May 22, 2014


Authentic Photos and Videos Engage Your Community and Boost Your Social Media Presence
Remember the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” In the world of social media, it would probably be tweeted, “ur #photo or #video is worth way more than 140 characters. Retweet please!” At 321 Creative, we agree! After all, we’re visual creatures. And it’s no secret that photos and videos can express mood, emotion, texture and context so much better than even your (ur) most clever tweet. It’s not just our opinion. New research confirms that videos are 12 times more likely to be shared than text only posts and links. And photos are “liked” twice as often as text only updates. But boosting your social media presence is more than posting some pretty pictures once or twice a week. It’s about stepping out from behind the screen and living your brand, not just talking about it. For example, if your restaurant supports the locally grown food movement, don’t just tell me, show me! Why not post smart phone video of your latest haul of farm fresh eggplant and vine-ripened tomatoes? Not only does it show me that you stand behind your words, it just might entice me to come in for some vegetarian lasagna! Professionally produced stock photos look nice, but they really don’t tell me anything about who you are and they don’t separate you from your competition.

Having a social media conversation with your customers can also be fun. One restaurant encouraged customers to vote for the dessert of the week with a “Sweet Tweet.” Yummmm! Shall I go for the strawberry #Parfait or chocolate #CrèmeBrûlée? All types of businesses can benefit from photos and videos to enhance their brand. When ‘yours truly’ had issues with a faulty refrigerator icemaker, instead of calling the repairman – who comes with a minimum $150 service call – I found Appliance Parts Pros on the web. In addition to selling enough parts to build an entire refrigerator and then some, they actually show you how to diagnose problems and install their parts with simply produced videos. They also encourage a two-way conversation by allowing customers to offer feedback and share their own repair tips and tricks, and the conversation is open to all. Anyone can view their videos and comments regardless of where they buy their parts. Having saved money and gained the pride of accomplishment by fixing my own fridge, guess where I’ll be turning the next time I need an appliance repair?

Authentically produced photos and videos can help your business communicate your core values, connect with your community and stand apart from your competition. If you’d like to hear some fresh ideas that can help boost your Social Media presence, the 321 Creative team would love to speak with you. Give us a call or send us a tweet @321Creative. Oh…and let us know if you prefer a strawberry #Parfait or chocolate #CrèmeBrûlée.

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