Carmen Treffiletti Rises to 321 the Agency’s Executive Director

Carmen Treffiletti Rises to 321 the Agency’s Executive Director

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By: 321

July 16, 2019

We are proud to announce that our very own Carmen Trefilletti has been promoted to Executive Director of 321 the Agency. 
Carmen has more than 15 years of experience in creative and marketing agencies. He joined the 321 team after being contracted for almost four years, his most recent role being that of Creative Director of 321 for two and a half years. 

While serving as creative director, Carmen was a pivotal component in the creation of some of 321’s most esteemed projects, including the Space Coast Launches app, Superbia Coffee brand launch, and the Florida Pro Surf Contest rebrand – all which brought home a number of awards. 

Carmen prides himself on his approachability and his motivational attitude toward any and all projects. He is an ENFJ Myers Briggs Type, which makes him charismatic, authentic, and, most importantly, a natural-born leader. We’re excited to see what Carmen accomplishes in his new role as Executive Director. 

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