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A Fresh Approach to a Brand

Superbia Coffee was an ambitious startup that dreamt to deliver the finest, farm-fresh coffee to consumers everywhere. Competing in a market dominated by legacy brands, the Superbia team knew they would need strong branding to push them through an already-crowded space. With nothing more than a sticky note with the word “Superbia” scribbled on it, 321 partnered with the stakeholders and created a brand that conveyed the qualities that make their coffee superior.



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The Project

  • Dev
  • Strategy
  • Design

As a startup coffee company in an already-crowded space dominated by legacy brands, the team at Superbia needed strong branding to stand out from the crowd. 321 imagined the total brand experience, starting with a brand identity system and strategy, website, video production, package design and myriad of other supporting collateral.

Superbia’s differentiator included a highly specialized 10-step process that began on family-owned farms in the mountains of Colombia and ended at the customer’s doorstep (all in seven days or less), our objective was to develop a brand that would effectively convey this unique value proposition.


The Approach

321’s approach was to build a truly unified brand experience from the ground up. As a startup lacking any identity or pre-existing brand strategy, 321 had to work to build those elements through total immersion. While efforts were split between research & analysis and brand development; 321 felt the only way to truly tell Superbia’s story and understand its roots was to travel to Antioquia, Colombia. 

While in Colombia, our creative team was struck by the immense amount of pride that goes into crafting the end product. We immediately determined that we wanted the overall brand to reflect the tireless dedication of the people and the rich heritage of the country.



The Superbia logo reflects the rugged, natural beauty of Colombia and the artisanal quality of Superbia’s coffee — both of which are paramount to Superbia’s brand.

While the mountains in the center of the logo represent the natural beauty of Colombia’s landscape, while serving as a strong visual reminder of the coffee’s origin.

The coffee ring surrounding the logo is symbolic of Superbia’s unique crop-to-cup process, which begins in the Colombian mountains and ends with the perfectly brewed cup of coffee.


Video Production

While the video we aimed to take the viewer on an immersive, visual journey through the Superbia farms, process and rich culture.



We aimed to create a digital experience that would transport the visitor to Superbia’s family-owned farms in the mountains of South America.

Every element on the website — from the burlap texture to the coffee-stained background — served to communicate the authentic, handcrafted quality of Superbia’s coffee. We developed a dynamic, streamlined interface that would display beautifully on any device, while maintaining the same immersive experience we created for the web.



  • 2018 Art direction of the year for Superbia
  • 2018 Gold Addy for Superbia Website

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