Meet Joe Boutin: Fearless Visionary and Avid Jokester

Joe Boutin - CEO at 321 The Agency

We all love a big ole cup of Joe.

He’s big into patterned socks, cracks jokes ’round the clock and is an idea-generating machine. Joe Boutin is the founder of 321 and he’s here with us to answer a couple questions. If you didn’t get your daily dose of sarcasm, you’re in for a real treat.

Favorite Local Hangout

To drink or to eat? Well I’m just a real big foodie, I love all kinds of food. But I’ve got to say Hillstone or Prato in Winter Park. Wait, so do you cook too? Oh yeah, I am the cook in my house. If I didn’t cook, we’d be eating Mac & Mac. No cheese. Haha. But yeah, I am definitely the cook in my house.

Favorite Music to Jam To

Wellllllllll, I don’t really make jam that often…just kidding. I guess anything Drake, though my real guilty pleasure song is Sia’s Chandelier. It brings out my inner independent woman.

You wake up tomorrow with zero inhibitions, what would you do?

Oh, that’s tough, I don’t know, ride a giraffe into the sunset? Could you imagine riding a giraffe?! Actually, maybe be the real-life James Bond. Yeah, I feel like that would be cool.

If you were locked in a room all day and you could only have three objects, what would they be?

Probably my Rocket Pen (coolest pen ever), Bill Cosby’s Greatest Hits (just kidding), and a video camera. The video camera to record the experience, it’d be a documentary and I’d call it 24 hours…

Three moments in your life that made you who you are today?

  1. When the test came back negative.
  2. The day I married my wife.
  3. The day my son was born.

In short, we all love Joe. 

He never fails to bring smiles to our faces. Whether it’s with his made-up vocabulary (that he often tries to justify) or belting out off-tune lyrics…we can all say Joe reminds us to laugh often and to always stay a bit of a kid at heart.