T:MINUS Podcast S2 E5: Brands Taking A Stand

T:MINUS Podcast S2 E5: Brands Taking A Stand

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By: 321

October 5, 2018

Welcome back to T:MINUS, a weekly marketing podcast hosted and produced by us here at 321 the Agency. 
This week on S2 E5, we continue the conversation from our podcast, Advertisers’ Complicated Relationship With Activism. Whether it be political in nature or purely playful, brands of all sizes are expanding their brand identity with purpose and personality. 
We also discuss activism as a commodity, how Wendy’s serves up the sass on Twitter, and ways small businesses can take stances at a local level. 
So, take a seat, put on your headphones, and get ready for your weekly dose of all things marketing!


Discussion Points:

  • :23 Should brands get political?
  • 1:50 Important to be polarizing, not just political
  • 2:40 What does your brand mean to your consumers?
  • 3:27 Brand identity that stands out from the pack
  • 4:04 The case of Chick-Fil-A
  • 5:15 Not necessarily political but inclusive
  • 6:30 Any brand can make inoffensive and wholesome statements
  • 7:20 The case of TOMS Shoes
  • 8:50 Making consumers feel “comfortable”
  • 10:13 With higher risk comes higher reward
  • 11:15 Who can afford to take a stance? 
  • 12:08 Brands should take it a step further
  • 12:34 Local businesses should be involved in local initiatives
  • 14:30 Bike lanes are controversial in Orlando
  • 15:20 Overestimating how engaged people are in local politics 
  • 16:07 Wendy’s Twitter
  • 18:56 Local Orlando bars use social media to be sassy too
  • 19:30 Choose your voice and be consistent 
  • 20:35 Can you make partial statements as a brand?
  • 22:10 People want drama
  • 23:00 Supporting legitimate politics is safer
  • 23:45 Do you value knowing a company’s position?
  • 24:37 The age of hyper-capitalism
  • 26:10 Amazon and charity donation
  • 27:15 A brand cannot register to vote
  • 28:20 Activism as a commodity
  • 29:05 Smaller businesses: Take a stance and own it
  • 30:35 Stuck in the past
  • 31:45 Be more human

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