Employee Spotlight: A Sit Down with Brad Goldsmith

Employee Spotlight: A Sit Down with Brad Goldsmith

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By: 321

May 24, 2019

Our social media specialist, Nico Bryan, recently sat down with 321’s Backend Developer, Brad Goldsmith, to pick his brain on his role, his process, and what inspires him. 

What is your role here at 321?
I am a Backend Developer.

How did you get into that field?
About 2 years ago, I was not necessarily “hating” bartending, but realizing I didn’t want to do that when I’m 50 years old. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an ad for a UCF coding boot camp. I did a little research and always loved computers and technology. 
It was the right time, right place situation. I was on the Orlando DEV Slack channel and saw Tyler had posted about a job. We met up for coffee in Winter Garden and the rest is history. I never came into the building for an interview. 

What does a typical work day look like for you?
It really varies but more or less, it always starts with me getting on Mavenlink and seeing what I am scheduled for the day. Generally speaking, I have large chunks of time dedicated to various projects. 

What has been your favorite client work so far at 321?
Definitely the Cypher project that Jean and I have been working on. When we were first given this assignment, it was really fun because it was starting from the ground up. Being able to build it how I want to has been a challenging reward. 

How does collaboration work in your department?
It is mainly just Jean and I that work together. We will be on a project and chat back and forth, as well as, throw some documentation online. I don’t typically work with Stephen directly aside from a question here and there. Wilson and German are on their own app themselves working together. 
We have our interaction with Tyler within that through weekly meetings that get us up to speed on all the projects we are working on. 

So, how do you keep yourself inspired at work?
I have been bartending for so long, I can practically do it in my sleep. Whereas here, it is all so new to me that I stay constantly learning and inspired.

What do you see yourself doing in the next 5-10 years? 
Hopefully, in the next 5-10 years, I will be working remotely. I would love to still be coding, just at home with my dogs and eventually, kids. 

You go to a lot of live music. How do you utilize those experiences to create your outlook on life?
Every time I go to a show, I am happy. Not that I am not happy all the time, but the energy is different. It just transcends me for a few weeks and I feel good about life. There is nothing better than live music. 
Recorded music is fine and all but there is just something about hearing someone live hitting a guitar solo. You can always listen to a recording of that stuff on Nugs.net or Bandcamp but at the same time, there are only 1,800 people that experienced that in person and I want to be one of those people.

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