4 Digital Healthcare Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

4 Digital Healthcare Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

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March 12, 2019

Year after year, healthcare marketers try to predict what the most effective methods to gather new leads will be. Considering today’s evolving digital landscape, healthcare marketers have to stay on the cutting edge of their digital media efforts in order to stay competitive. 
Here are some trends we’ve already noticed taking place in the healthcare marketing sphere throughout the first couple of months into 2019 and some trends that we predict will grow as we progress further in the year. 

  • Online Reputation is King

Although you should always work to better your patients’ experiences, ensuring that they leave your practice satisfied goes a long way in the digital age. As with most major purchases, consumers are now turning to their computers to research just where they’re spending their hard-earned cash on their healthcare needs.
According to Becker’s Hospital Review,   77 percent of patients conduct an online search before making an appointment with a physician. The online research that potential patients conduct is essential to whether or not the patient will actually convert.

Focusing your efforts on your clients’ in-person experiences will translate to positive reviews and online reputation stats for your services. This not only makes it more likely that patients will choose you, but it also helps your SEO efforts as search engines heavily prioritize keywords in consumer reviews, according to a 2017 SEO ranking study.      

  •  Video Marketing is the Future

Video marketing already has a reputation for being the next big thing in all marketing efforts, not just healthcare. But how much of a difference does video actually make? 
A study conducted by Eyeview Digital concluded that having a video on your landing page can increase your conversions by 80 percent. Videos are great at increasing the length of time at which people stay on your website and can even build trust with the viewer by painting a better, more concise picture of your practice or services in a way that seems less intimidating than typical health industry content.

  • Telemedicine Will Continue to Grow

Convenience has reigned as a major theme throughout customer experience trends in recent years. Patients are communicating in ways that evolve every day in ways that best suit their time, needs, and means of transportation. 

The convenience factor of telemedicine, a practice where patients can access their healthcare providers via mobile apps and home computers, has given rise to this up-and-coming healthcare trend. 
A study conducted by JAMA Network revealed that in 2017 alone telemedicine visits for primary care providers grew by 36 percent. The growth of the service means that those who want to get ahead in the future in terms of healthcare marketing will need to adapt to integrate telemedicine into their practice. 

  • Leverage Wellness

The wellness trend has been in full swing in the past year and many companies have been reaping the benefits of tailoring content and services towards wellness. Consumers are intrigued by the idea of living happier, healthier lives. 
Most healthcare providers have only started dipping their toes into the wealth of the wellness industry. Blue Cross Blue Shield   was a recent pioneer in employing wellness marketing tactics by giving Fitbit wristbands at a discount to each of its 60 million members. 
Trying to incorporate wellness promotions or services to clients and patients will be a key part of staying competitive in 2019.

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