Space Coast Launches App | 321 Case Study

Space Coast Launches App | 321 Case Study

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By: 321

November 16, 2018


In an effort to tell the compelling stories behind some of our favorite projects, our team here at 321 the Agency has decided that the only way to highlight our designers, data strategists, and developers’ diligent work is through a series of video case studies. 

Each video will showcase the collaborative process we take to come up with the strategy and execution behind every task. You’ll go behind the scenes for an inside look at how we create uniquely disruptive projects for each of our clients. 
Our first case study video features the Rocket Launch Console app  that we created for the Space Coast Office of Tourism. 

We show you our step-by-step process on how we tackled the challenge at hand and the final results from what we were able to accomplish for our client. 

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