T:MINUS Podcast S3 E2: The Social Apocalypse

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By: 321

March 29, 2019

Welcome back to T:MINUS, a weekly marketing podcast hosted and produced by us here at 321 the Agency. 
Wednesday, March 13, 2019, better known as the date of the social apocalypse. It feels like a hilarious dream now but on that date, social media strategists and media buyers everywhere were pulling their hair out in response to one of the worst Facebook outages in the site’s history. On this episode, we discuss the cons of focusing on one social platform, establishing die-hard champion fans, having multiple touchpoints, and the rapid rate at which communication changes. 
So, take a seat, put on your headphones, and get ready for your weekly dose of all things marketing.


  • Intro
  • :55 How the Facebook outage affected job functionality
  • 2:07 Facebook and Instagram outages affect businesses the hardest
  • 3:13 Twitter: the bearer of bad news
  • 4:30 Difficult to explain even as an expert
  • 6:20 The cons of focusing on one social platform
  • 8:41 What is the next medium to push towards?
  • 10:00 Facebook and Instagram run everything
  • 11:00 Establish champion fans 
  • 12:00 Be agile and reactionary 
  • 13:15 Free People and email communication
  • 14:20 YouTubers have the best formula
  • 16:00 Value in every social media platform
  • 17:10 Brands and companies are just borrowing followers
  • 18:04 Following is essential a soft retention of passive customers
  • 19:35 Always have multiple touchpoints
  • 20:35 Communication is always rapidly changing
  • 21:17 Proactively being reactive 
  • 22:15 Social media is just a tool

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