If the 90’s Never Stopped

If the 90’s Never Stopped

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By: 321

March 2, 2015

Recently, Comedy Central invited all of its viewers to participate in an interactive, 1980’s hashtag game. It was meant to celebrate the birthdays of Molly Ringwald and John Hughes. Many brands caught the hashtag fever and began posting pictures of what would be, had the awesome decade thrived on. Well, Three21 Creative decided to take a spin on this and create our own type of game: If the 90’s Never Stopped!

Let’s start by stating, “Everything was better in the 90’s.” Clothes were neon colors, backwards hats were a must, and your home wasn’t complete without inflatable furniture. Boy bands had little girls losing their vocal chords and we all did weird things with our hair. We supported fashion trends that we happily admit ‘we left in the 90’s.’ Overall, it was an awesome decade to be a part of, and thinking back, it really is amazing to see where we’ve evolved from. But enough about that, let’s reminisce about all the stellar-ness that made up the 90’s!

If the 90’s never stopped…we would all still collect Pogs.

Pogs…the game many of us have claimed to have played but never actually knew what we were doing. This game consisted of stacking paper discs and trying to turn over as many as you could with a thick plastic “slammer.” Most of us, we believe, just collected the pogs for the cartoon characters, TV shows and athletes that were pictured on them. But hey, kudos to you if you were one of the few who had actually figured it out!

If the 90’s never stopped…girls would still crimp their hair.

If someone were to pull out a hair crimper nowadays, people would probably think they were hoarding some medieval torture device. Girls, myself included, had thought this hairstyle was so stylish and cool. Often paired with butterfly clips, this look was great if you wanted to look like you had pressed your head between a waffle iron.

If there was ever a more goofy moment in history…it was definitely the ‘boy band’ era. *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys overwhelmed the bedroom walls of girls everywhere. They sang, danced, and wooed their way into the hearts of millions of girls, who were all freakishly clone-like. Today, there are some boy bands that are popping up here and there, but nothing compares to 90’s.

If the 90’s never stopped…guys would still bleach there hair.

Nowadays, if you have bleached tips, your name better be Guy Fieri. This look inspired so many young men to dip their heads into freshly-cleaned toilet bowls. Whether they used hair-dye, sun-in, or in fact, actual bleach, they were all just one step closer to their goal..which I’m assuming at that time, was their one shot, one opportunity, to look like Slim Shady.

If the 90’s never stopped…girls would still try to kill themselves walking in platforms.

There’s no logical explanation for platform shoes, other than the fact that the Spice Girls wore them. So of course, every girl had to have them, or attempt to walk in them. Platforms should have come with a warning label…”Do not run, do not walk fast, do not do anything but stand there…or you might break every bone in your ankles.” Today, if you were to see a person strutting the streets in platforms, you would only hope they are going to a rave.[

If the 90’s never stopped…we would still wear overalls.

Apparently, the 90’s turned everyone into farmers. Thanks to Will Smith on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, everyone was rocking overalls with one shoulder strap, since 2 straps was a definite no-no. Today, some brave individuals still try to bring this painter look back. Overall, we think they should be left in the 90’s…

So, although some things are better left in the past, we can’t help to bring up all the great memories each of the above fads had to offer. If the 90’s had never stopped, we would all think funky fashion and weird hair was ‘super cool!’ Music would be totally different and 4-year-olds wouldn’t have cell phones. The 90’s was a great decade to grow up in, and if you didn’t get a chance to experience it, hopefully we brought it to life for you. If the 90’s never stopped, we would use our mood rings and light-up sneakers to let you know that we think you’re ‘da-bomb…

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