The Creative Minds Behind 321

The Creative Minds Behind 321

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February 6, 2015

If someone asked me what a day in the life at 321 Creative was like, I’m not sure what I would say because no two days here are the same. I guess the first words that come to mind are weird, sporadic, witty, and different. From philosophical debates on cat sweaters, to blasting Drake all day, to shooting hoops in our basketball court, a lot happens around these parts of town.

The best way to begin describing our culture is by introducing the mastermind behind it all: Joe. As the Founder and CEO of 321, Joe has a knack for running this creative powerhouse and leading our cold-stone pack of go-getters. When he isn’t cranking out million dollar ideas, like WWSD “What Would Santa Do?” he is dishing out a joke or two. His comedic specialty, however, is sarcasm and he is not afraid to use it. One of Joe’s most notable accomplishments in life is that he is the owner of, not one, but two rocket pens; and he always makes sure to remind everyone of it. Whether he is overseeing a client project or leading Monday morning production meetings, Joe always manages to put a smile on our faces.

Continuing this legacy of awesomeness is our Chief Creative Officer, Bryan. With his expertise in web design, development and programming, Bryan is the backbone of most projects. When he isn’t making some sort of awkwardly hilarious comment, Bryan is always up for a game of Knockout in our basketball court. He always has some strange idea up his sleeve.

Our head of Business Development, Carey, is a master of marketing and business strategy, and an absolute pleasure to have around the office. Good ol’ Carey loves his Philadelphia Eagles so much that his official spirit animal is an eagle. In his downtime, Carey likes to play an array of musical instruments. His favorite is none other than the keyboard… that’s right, the computer keyboard. When he is busy typing away, we usually don’t need to play music. The mouse wheel is a perfect accent to his keyboard strokes. Together, they create a harmony unlike any other. Come stop by the office sometime and listen for yourself!

Working hard alongside multiple projects is our VP Marketing, Joanie. With many years of experience in marketing under her belt and a sharp mind for detail, Joanie brings a special pizzazz to every project she’s involved in. Think of Joanie as an office fairy… a quiet and happy fairy, with bright-colored nails! When she isn’t overseeing marketing plans at 321, Joanie enjoys running, cooking, football, and most importantly, staying warm in the Florida sun.

The glue of this crew is our Sr. Account Director, Courtney. Courtney spends most of her time in the office tackling projects, managing social media, and kitten-canoodling. She loves cats, kittens and felines of the sort. If Courtney had to choose between a thousand kittens and a thousand dollars, she would take the kittens and run. Most days, we like to sit back and hear what strange things Courtney has to say. One thing’s for sure–she enjoys her share of witty banter. If you ever need help crafting a clever caption for Instagram, Courtney’s your gal.

At 321, we strive to make an effort to lead healthy lifestyles, and most of that effort comes from none other than our Account Coordinator, and fitness guru, Erin. When she isn’t delegating tasks for client projects, she’s probably doing yoga or eating a kale salad. We all wish we were as cool as Erin. She fuels the energy of the office with her abundant creativity and contagious laughter. Erin never fails to bring awesome ideas to the table – and we love her for that.

The office really wouldn’t be the same without our Senior Designer, Katrina. This quirky, wine-loving, DIY-fanatic is always entertaining everyone (including herself) with insightful and delightful commentary. Katrina always has something interesting to say, and we are very thankful for that. Her three main interests include Pitbulls, Pickles and Courtney. In no particular order. When Katrina isn’t writing herself post-it note reminders to bring lunch, she’s probably laughing at her own jokes.

Next up is Sarah, our Designer. Sarah can be quiet but she is chock-full of awesome ideas. She is constantly drawing inspiration from the world around her, through her passion for drawing, fictional characters, and Star Wars. When Sarah isn’t harnessing her creativity at the office, she’s planning the next fancy sweater for her cat. I almost forgot to mention: Sarah’s secret super power is dressing her cats in sweaters. Hold all applause until the end, please.

I guess I should introduce myself now. I’m Alex, the Project Fulfillment Intern. When I’m not listening or contributing to all of the hilarious remarks, I’m writing blogs and dealing with important matters at my desk. Nevertheless, with some pretzels and peanut butter in hand, I’m always ready for the next brainstorming session.

As you can see, 321 is a quirky, fun and hard-working clan. Even though we get a little too close for comfort sometimes, we are one happy family.

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