6 Major Keys to Success For Your Business Snapchat

6 Major Keys to Success For Your Business Snapchat

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By: 321

February 10, 2016

If you didn’t catch the DJ Khaled Snapchat reference then start following him right now. The American record producer, radio personality, DJ, and label executive has completely rebranded, and he’s done it mostly via Snapchat. Whether he’s watering his lawn lion, sharing inspirational words over “elliptical talks,” or drinking Apple Ciroc in his hot tub, he has taken over the snapchat game and proven that it’s not just a private app, but a marketing goldmine. Here are 6 “Major Keys” to your corporate Snapchat that, much like Khaled’s, will boost community engagement and brand awareness.


Snapchat is a much more personal tool than most social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, don’t be afraid to show your personality and even get a little silly. Whether you’re sharing a dialogue with the camera or posting fun office dynamics, it humanizes your business and personally engages your audience while also portraying your mission and values.


Along with sharing your personality, people love to get a sneak peek of your production process and a day-in-the-life of your industry. For your current clients checking your snaps, they will feel closer to the project as if they are a part of the making. For example, a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a photoshoot or the manufacturing process of a product is sure to spark interest. If you have a cool office space or fun office tradition, this is the time to show it.


Direct niche marketing via Snapchat can be tricky and only affordable for huge industries, ranging in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. Since targeted advertising is out of the question, smaller businesses have to appeal to their followers directly through more creative and memorable content. A few options include offering discount codes or photos that could be screenshot and redeemed for your product or service. Encourage followers to take a snapchat with your new product or at your location and send to you. They can then be collected and brought together as a photo album of your fans that can be shared on other platforms.


Snapchat can be a great way to develop mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses. Share live shots at an event nearby and promote others’ products while they do the same. Sour Patch Kids launched a Snapchat campaign in which they let social media personality Logan Paul take over their account for the week as he played pranks on people throughout NYC. The campaign brought in his enormous Twitter following and created a hilarious play on the Sour Patch Kids brand.


Along the lines of handing the account over to an influential figure, try letting one of your employees take the helm from time to time. It keeps the content fresh and engaging and allows your audience to see your company from various perspectives. Your employees will feel like they are an active part of your company culture and viewers will enjoy seeing you through a new lens. Of course, be careful with who you pass the torch to and make sure they will provide useful and appropriate content.


Snapchats are mostly viewed by people quickly scrolling through their phone, whether they’re waiting in line or just passing the time. Therefore, don’t overload them with content that they won’t care to watch. While Snapchat allows videos up to 10 seconds, keep them shorter and break it up with photos as well. If you’re posting a “story” that can be viewed collectively and repeatedly for a span of 24 hours, keep it between 1 or 2 minutes total.
We’re excited to finally incorporate Snapchat into our community engagement and look forward to sharing what goes on behind the doors of 321. Follow us at @three21creative for sneak peeks on new projects, glimpses of our office, after-hours gatherings, and more than a few nerf gun fights. And in the words of DJ Khaled, “They want you to give up. Never give up.”

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