What Drives Us: Data Driven and Creatively Disruptive

What Drives Us: Data Driven and Creatively Disruptive

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By: 321

May 26, 2021

From Day One, we founded 321 on the basis of exceptional creative.

Importantly, however, the founding team recognized that beautiful design alone was not enough, and instead researched which designs converted captivated audiences into customers ready to buy—twice. Prioritizing eye-catching design backed by powerful storytelling quickly took a starter agency of five dreamers to an award-winning agency of more than 30 all-stars, all in the blink of an eye.

Today, if you spend time around 321’s Orlando HQ, you’re bound to hear one driving mantra repeated with regularity: we’re data driven and creatively disruptive. Plenty of agencies will tout their strengths in one or the other, but to us, the combination means everything.

Here’s what we mean:

Data Driven

Worldwide deposits of data are doubling every two years, with new sources of information growing exponentially. That’s a lot of information to sift through, a lot of valuable insights that can maximize ad spends, that can target audiences efficiently, and that make a brand stand out in the crowd. Sure, tons of companies have access to this data, but it’s the ability to gather it, pick out the important parts and then make that information available, understandable, and compelling that truly makes the difference in effective marketing. 

Too commonly, marketing campaigns are measured from post-launch data, and not developed with upfront data. Consumer assumptions are made at the start of a campaign, creative is developed, ads are launched, and then results are measured. Unlike other agencies, our team not only puts the data up front, we utilize a proprietary data technology, Ethos, that better-informs communications strategies with trackable human behavior, geolocation, and business intelligence. 

It’s with this proprietary technology and overall approach to data that our team shows up to the table. We apply that data to fuel every creative process. It’s where we start—with audits, planning, and creative marketing briefs—and it is what keeps guiding us all the way through as we develop user journeys, build out brand assets, and optimize campaigns. Our team of strategists keep the data close, knowing that a strategy that has no hope of advancing a brand is just an expensive way of yelling into the digital void. So we listen to what the data is telling us and make the adjustments aimed at solving the business objectives. 

Creatively Disruptive

Our first question in the creative process is always, “why?”

Why are we telling this story? Why should our audience listen? Only after that do we break into the details of who we are talking to and how we’re going to talk to them. 

It’s not enough anymore just to create a ton of visually attractive branded content—it has to work. A brand’s creative has to connect. It has to reach the right audiences, in the right ways, right places, and right times with a compelling story that captivates and converts audiences into true brand advocates. Then you need to measure and optimize it to ensure you’re getting the demand you need to grow. It’s a constant cycle of testing, learning, and adapting. That’s where we come in.

Leaning back into that data, our creative decisions aren’t guided only by aesthetics, but by psychographic profiles linked to the brand, so targeted audiences find themselves naturally drawn to a brand or product because it already interests them. With the end user at the center of our creative process, we’re thinking about the brief moment we have to speak to our client’s customers and what it takes to make that moment compelling enough to take action. 

The Strategic Team

It is possible, even in the extreme noise of digital marketing, to earn influence and make an impact, but attempting to do it without the right strategic team, fully stacked to turn data into meaning and tackle business challenges, will lead to wasted dollars and meaningless conversations. That’s why we repeat our mantra of Data Driven and Creatively Disruptive so often. It’s a mindset that will continue to drive our team because we know it works.

Our clients have seen the measurable results of using our business intelligence platform on their targeted campaigns. They’ve also seen us bring stunning products to market with creative that creates loyal fans. And we can’t wait for what’s next.

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