How We Optimized Our Own Site: A Look Inside.

How We Optimized Our Own Site: A Look Inside.

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By: 321

July 22, 2020

Every two years or so, we give our 321 agency website a facelift. A little nip here, a little tuck there. But, this go-around, we’ve gone beyond tinkering with what’s on the surface.

“We’re getting rid of the fluff, the guessing, and the wasted spending that goes into marketing.”

Revealed in our latest blog “A Relaunch of 321 the Agency,” we’ve developed a more systematic and surgical approach to defining and communicating to our audiences. Built to deliver better business results for our clients, this approach is rooted in our new suite of data aggregate tools and advertising solutions — getting brands closer to the right consumer. So, we’ve redesigned our site to start proving out our new consumer-first/tech-forward model.

Rethinking the USER experience — Starting backward.

Before, our site instilled a heavy lift on the team to update. We were hell-bent on design leading the way, and the over-customization required frequent web development support. Thus, content additions and manipulations were far and few in between. So, we’ve conceptualized our new site by starting backward.

We’ve transformed the admin’s experience

There is a core function of the common website too-often overlooked – the administrator’s experience. How can we create a better consumer experience, starting with making the admin’s experience better? Easier? Faster?

The workhorse of our site is Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor. This block builder lets the admin insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge. Easier = more efficient. And through a real-time visualization model, there are no surprises. What you see inside the store, you’ll see from the storefront. No sneaky shortcodes about it.

Coupled with our own programmed customizations, our web development team transformed our site’s backend to best fit our needs.


“Gutenberg is more than an editor. It’s also the foundation that’ll revolutionize customization and site-building in WordPress.” –

Assessing and adapting to the consumer’s needs. In-the-moment.

In addition to our breakthrough CMS, we’ve implemented technology that analyzes the user’s experience in real-time. We capture screen recordings showing the consumer’s site journey and drop-off points, and quickly optimize as needed. Paired with web analytics data, this user behavior technology identifies how people are actually interacting with our site.

By making the backend experience easier and more accessible, we’re able to publish more content, assess user patterns, and continually optimize the site experience.

And so, we celebrate our crafty team who conceptualized how to use technology, transform with it, and bring it to life via purposeful creative. We’re powering better consumer experiences through smarter applications of technology.

Follow along as we move into the future of 321, becoming a hub for informative content, better-informed creative, and break-through advertising solutions.

We are digitally-driven creative disruptors, consistently building impactful and valuable one-to-one moments. Through hyper-targeted advertising technology and compelling creative, we connect brands to human consumers – impacting business growth and influencing audiences. 

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