T:MINUS S3 E4 Podcast – Brands Going Green

T:MINUS S3 E4 Podcast – Brands Going Green

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By: 321

May 3, 2019

Welcome back to T:MINUS, a weekly marketing podcast hosted and produced by us here at 321 the Agency. 
In episode 4 we discuss how more and more brands are making eco-conscious efforts and using those efforts as a part of their marketing and advertising strategy. In honor of Earth Day, we examine those brands’ various environmental efforts and how that plays into their overall identity. We explore the Starbucks anti-straw crusade, eco-conscious clothing, how brands can be authentic in their approach to environmentalism, and why more brands are choosing to not go green.
So take a seat, put on your headphones, and get ready for your weekly dose of all things marketing.

Discussion Points:

  • Intro
  • :26 Happy Earth Day!
  • 1:05 Everlane’s new sneaker line
  • 3:00 Adidas exploring recycled materials
  • 3:56 Nike and their Earth Day sneakers
  • 4:45 Does putting in the extra expense to make eco-conscious products in essence sell itself?
  • 5:30 People are looking for more ways to be environmentally conscious
  • 6:10 Ryan’s beef with Starbucks’ anti-straw crusade
  • 7:29 Green-washing
  • 8:27 Corona taking advantage of Earth Day
  • 11:29 Should brands do small gestures versus going all in?
  • 12:47 Patagonia takes it to the next level
  • 13:35 Is there opposition to being environmentally friendly?
  • 14:25 Does a brand need to rely on PR to do something good for the environment?
  • 18:10 Eventually society and the earth will push brands into the right direction
  • 19:05 It is more interesting to have a conversation 
  • 20:45 Oversight issues with grand gestures
  • 21: 55 Spread awareness and challenge other brands to follow suit
  • 23:15 Coca Cola and virgin plastics
  • 25:00 You cannot have moral intent without a moral individual in charge

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