T:MINUS Podcast S2 E7: Political Ads

T:MINUS Podcast S2 E7: Political Ads

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By: 321

November 8, 2018

Welcome back to T:MINUS, a weekly marketing podcast hosted and produced by us here at 321 the Agency. 
In light of the upcoming election on November 6, today’s podcast will be all about political ads. No matter where you lie on the political spectrum, chances are you’re getting targeted by some form of political ad coercing you to go out and vote for a candidate.  

We discuss if these ads are effective, how people in 2018 interact with political ads, and if the creative behind the ads is as unimportant as these ads make it seem. 

So, take a seat, put on your headphones, and get ready for your weekly dose of all things marketing!

Discussion Points:

  • 2:10 Getting targeted on platforms
  • 2:50 Bad creative marketing on political ads
  • 3:43 The message behind the ads is still effective
  • 6:17 Candidates bank on voters not doing research 
  • 9:41 Political ads are taking advantages
  • 11:43 It’s too hard to look up all candidates before voting

  • 12:07 If the ads didn’t work no one would spend money on them
  • 13:55 No one will admit that they base their vote off ads14:33 Does the creative care?
  • 17:30 Candidates as movements
  • 18:20 Past presidents who did marketing right
  • 18:45 Candidates trying to become authentic
  • 20:32 Lying in politics
  • 21:30 Who calls in a lie?
  • 22:12 Does calling out a lie in an ad actually matter?
  • 29:11 Less information on ads
  • 30:15 Anti-establishment candidates
  • 31:04 Voting as a reaction to past elections
  • 37:50 Regulations on political ads
  • 42:28 Businesses endorsing companies

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