T:MINUS Podcast S2 E4: Streaming Killed the Cable Star

T:MINUS Podcast S2 E4: Streaming Killed the Cable Star

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By: 321

September 28, 2018

Happy Friday, folks! Welcome back to T:MINUS, a weekly marketing podcast hosted and produced by us here at 321 the Agency.
This week on S2 E4 of T:MINUS, we tackle the most recent Emmy Award Ceremony. As consumer preferences lean further towards streaming platforms and services, the Emmys and cable television as a whole feel a bit archaic. 
We also discuss the disruptive nature of Netflix, templated media creation, television watch parties, and advertisers’ relationships with live televised sporting events.
So, take a seat, put on your headphones, and get ready for your weekly dose of all things marketing from T:MINUS by 321 the Agency.


  • 1:10 What haven’t we binge-watched yet?
  • 1:48 The show hole
  • 2:20 Dan watches the Emmys
  • 3:00 Netflix, Hulu, and HBO dominated the Emmys
  • 3:35 SNL and the barriers to cable television
  • 4:24 Streaming content = less red tape
  • 5:22 Netflix’s original content is mind-blowing
  • 5:55 Data utilization and templated media creation
  • 7:00 The Real World and other similar shows
  • 8:13 Character development drives strong shows  
  • 9:03 Is cable dying?
  • 10:29 Media moguls and the political push and shove 
  • 11:30 Netflix banks on the future of streaming
  • 11:55 Paying for premium services
  • 12:50 The price for options
  • 14:10 Listening to and watching streamed content is different
  • 14:45 Netflix truly is “disruptive”
  • 16:15 Will every channel eventually have their own streaming service?
  • 18:20 Live TV needs a subscription base
  • 19:13 The thrill of weekly cliffhangers 
  • 20:00 Watch parties 
  • 20:50 Advertisers’ relationships with the NFL and NBA
  • 21:30 Reactionary to the future
  • 23:20 Even as a consumer, we are unsure of our own preferences
  • 24:15 We do not consume media consistently 
  • 25:00 Big Brother and the psychology behind suspense
  • 26:15 HBO owns both realms well
  • 27:01 What shows we are watching here at 321? 

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