T:MINUS Podcast S2 E3: Advertising’s Complicated Relationship With Activism

T:MINUS Podcast S2 E3: Advertising’s Complicated Relationship With Activism

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By: 321

September 14, 2018

Welcome back to T:MINUS S2 E3, a weekly marketing podcast hosted and produced by us here at 312 the Agency.
This week on T:MINUS, we tackled Nike’s 30 year anniversary campaign for “Just Do It”. Advertising’s relationship with activism has once again sprouted in headlines across the web after Nike’s public endorsement of Colin Kaepernick, the football player most famous for sparking the notorious National Anthem protests at football games. We discussed brand responsibility, activism as a trend, Nike backing their athletes, and if smaller businesses can afford to take stances.
So, take a seat, put on your headphones and get ready for your weekly dose of all things marketing from T:MINUS by 321 the Agency.

Discussion Points:

  • :18 When did everyone become so sensitive?
  • 1:00 Everything is driven by decisiveness
  • 2:28 Do you think it is the brands responsibility to take a stance?
  • 3:30 Brand and voice is important when deciding to take a stand
  • 3:50 Chrissy Tiegen and her love of McDonalds
  • 4:15 Nike has always uplifted athletes
  • 5:00 Purpose driven economy
  • 5:52 Vocal players are put to the forefront with Nike
  • 6:20 Knowing your demo and your audience
  • 7:30 A win-win for Nike
  • 7:48 Pepsi cash grabbing off of activism
  • 8:50 Lower tier activism: Starbucks and their straw bane
  • 9:33 Taking a look at the type of activism you are doing
  • 10:30 Activism as a trend
  • 11:15 Nike doubling down on NBA player shoes with Michael Jordan
  • 12:20 Does the ad overshadow the point of the Kaepernick protest?
  • 13:18 Dissecting “Just Do It”
  • 14:50 Nike is strategic in their approach
  • 15:45 Nike signs hot or cold players
  • 17:00 Speaking to the next generation of Nike consumers
  • 18:06 Brand advocates are the sweet spot
  • 19:05 Nike’s online sales skyrocket
  • 20:50 Tapping outside of the athletic market – Just Do It expanded
  • 21:50 Can smaller businesses take and afford the same stance that Nike has taken?
  • 25:17 Revamped an already brilliant idea
  • 26:20 Just Do It is very Yoda at its core
  • 26:45 It comes down to amplification of your brand advocates
  • 27:40 Michael Jordan and his influence on sports
  • 30:10 People burning their Nike apparel
  • 30:40 Social media mixed with hyper-capitalism
  • 31:30 Black Lives Matter
  • 32:18 The more glamorous sides of protest get the most attention
  • 34:05 Attention and what advertisers should do with it

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