T:MINUS Podcast S2 E2: Man vs. Machine Learning

T:MINUS Podcast S2 E2: Man vs. Machine Learning

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By: 321

August 24, 2018

Welcome back to T:MINUS, a weekly marketing podcast hosted and produced by us here at 321 the Agency.
This week on T:MINUS, we tackled machine learning and all things automation in marketing. We discussed human’s inclination towards distrusting machines, retargeting audiences, and tailoring our assumptions about users.
So, take a seat, put on your headphones and get ready to get your weekly dose of all things marketing from T:MINUS by 321 the Agency.

Discussion Points:
:00 seconds: Intro
2:35 seconds: Tesla and self-driving cars
3:40 seconds: Automation within the American workforce
5:00 seconds: Why do we trust ourselves more than machines?
8:05 seconds: Humans rely more on AI than they think
9:38 seconds: The digital landscape is more machine learning and data driven now
11:10 seconds: Tailoring assumptions
13:00 seconds: Profile building
16:05 seconds: Brands misconception of users
18:00 seconds: Adpocalypse and retargeting audiences
23:40 seconds: Establishing content profiles
28:16 seconds: How targeted is too targeted?
30:00 seconds: We think we know better

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