Direct Mail Made Smarter in 2021

Direct Mail Made Smarter in 2021

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January 6, 2021

There are a number of barriers that can prevent a consumer from completing an online purchase or conversion. Poor user experience, distractions, and price comparisons are just to name a few. To help close the ecommerce conversion gap, we’re providing marketers with a means to retargeting in a more tangible way.

Online to offline retargeting with Reverse Append

According to Fundera, 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions.

According to Fundera, 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions.

When retargeting at the lower-funnel level, why not personalize the experience even more for one-to-one consumer engagement?

Introducing our advertising technology solution, Reverse Append. 

How Reverse Appending Works

By placing a pixel on your website, we’re able to collect *anonymous users’ IP addresses. We run these through our Reverse Append matching algorithm, outputting a home and business address target list. With this mailing list, we’re subsequently able to send a personalized mail piece, brochure, white paper or customized catalog within a 48- to 72-hour window.

*An anonymous user is one who has not signed into your online portal. Typically, the data of an anonymous user is lost (or at times, inaccurate) if they have not entered their information or logged in. However, with our IP & Mobile Device ID Targeting technology, we’re able to identify and map IP addresses to physical addresses.

Create Business Rules

If the pixel is placed site-wide, business rules can be established, i.e. contact form abandonment, shopping cart abandonment, or cross-page visits. This information is key in: 

  1. Identifying those who show the highest propensity for conversion
  2. Creating a KPI and measurement plan

If a potential customer navigates to your website and activates one of the predefined trigger points, this adtech process enables us to send a variable print piece within 48 to 72 hours of the action. 

This is how you modernize print marketing.

Break away from cookies

Today’s remarketing platforms retarget with third-party cookies — an antiquated method. By 2022, “Google plans to kill off third-party cookies in Chrome.” Unique to our approach, we take the digital breadcrumbs created by visitors to power our online to offline communications.

Drive Sales

Considering we’re only re-targeting users with a higher propensity to convert (i.e. shopping cart abandonment or repeat browsers) the ROI for Reverse Append is substantial. According to Criteo, when a prospect sees a retargeting ad, there’s a 70% chance that they’ll purchase your product over your competitor’s. By automating the retargeting process for online-to-offline marketing, we’re helping brands get closer to future customers.

Let’s get started optimizing your remarketing cadence. Contact us today.

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