Tourism Marketing 101: Orlando visitor snapshot

Tourism Marketing 101: Orlando visitor snapshot

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By: 321

September 9, 2015

About 62 million tourists visited Orlando last year, making our city, once again, the most visited destination in the United States! That said, with an office in the heart of “Tourismland,” it’s safe to say that 321 knows tourism marketing.
Having Disney and Universal on our front lawn, and the beaches in our backyard, will help any marketing plan, but here are some other ways that you can stay ahead of the tourism marketing curve and bring those tourists to your business.

Know your audience

This is the most important part of any marketing puzzle, especially tourism marketing. Most cities or visitor bureaus conduct research studies on their local tourism industry that can help refine your marketing plan. For instance, recent Orlando data from the CBRE Group reveals:

  • Most International tourists to Orlando come from Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom and Germany.
  • Domestic tourists spend an average of $459 per person on their trip while overseas visitors spend roughly $1,115 per person. 
  • Out-of-state visitors stay on average 4.6 nights, while international tourists stay 9. 
  • 57% of domestic visitors stay in hotels, and 28% of tourists travel with children.
  • The average age of Orlando tourists is 44.9.

These figures may appear like arbitrary numbers, but they tell us a lot about our target audience, and can help us find a marketing medium to reach them. Once you do your research on who you want to reach and how you want to reach them, you can start developing and implementing your plan.

Reach them quickly and effectively

With most tourists visiting for just a few days, there’s less time than usual to reach them through marketing. To counteract this, be direct with your messaging by appealing to the emotions or needs of visitors. For example, instead of advertising the free wifi at your hotel, advertise the free breakfast and suite-style rooms so parents can catch a much-needed break from their kids. Your messaging should always be relevant and should capture your target’s attention quickly to have the greatest effect.

Get friendly with your neighbors

That’s right. Teaming up with complementary businesses in your area can help both parties! Let’s say you own a mini golf course, and you want to bring in more customers. Contact a restaurant or hotel near you and ask if they’ll allow you to offer a small discount to their patrons, or simply allow you to place a rack card in their establishment. Tourist destinations often have so many options for hotels, dining and entertainment that whatever you can do to introduce your company, product or service to potential customers will be beneficial to you.

Keep it simple

Traveling to a place you’ve never been before can be stressful, especially if you’re with kids or a large group of people. For this reason, it’s important that all aspects of your marketing plan are focused around keeping things simple for your target audience. Keep your CTAs to-the-point, make sure your website is optimized for mobile and easy to navigate, and don’t confuse your potential customers with tricky wording or offers.

If you need help crafting an effective marketing plan, please reach out to our strategists at 321 using the contact form below. We’d love to help you market your business to those 62 million visitors that we so proudly boast about here in The City Beautiful.

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