Do Plants Improve Office Productivity? 321 Investigates

Do Plants Improve Office Productivity? 321 Investigates

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By: 321

March 13, 2018

A lot like the rise of Matcha drinks and subscription meditation apps, plant therapy is currently having its moment in the sun (Get it? Because plants). 2018 is all about bringing mindfulness and productivity to all of the spaces that we inhabit; our office spaces are no exception. 
The average American spends about 21 percent of their life in an office setting. Spending that much time in a space void of any greenery can be a serious productivity (and in our case — creativity) killer. Research shows that bringing plants into an office environment has the ability to improve employees’ overall mood and productivity throughout the work day.   
Perhaps it was our need to prove the internet wrong or maybe it was just the Bill Nye in us, but we decided to test out this hypothesis with a science experiment of our own. 
We had every member of the 321 team bring a plant of their choice to have at their desk in order to see if plant therapy is all it’s cracked up to be. Here are some of the plants the team picked and why they picked them.


Shelby, our social media strategist and queen of all things #aesthetic, unsurprisingly brought in a mini cactus garden. However, it’s not your run-of the-mill Home Depot cactus garden. Her mini cactus garden has authentic cactus plants certified by the Arizona Department of Agriculture. 
Her boyfriend brought it back all the way from his trip to the desert. The only way this cacti could get more authentic is if he had physically removed it from the soil himself — ouch!


Hunter, one of our junior designers, brought in not one, but two plants for extra plant productivity powers. Her official reason for purchasing the pair was — like humane society kittens — they seemed like an inseparable battery pack and adopting only one just didn’t feel right. 
She’s named them Jim and Dwight and they now share her deskspace harmoniously; unlike the real Jim and Dwight.


Peace Lilies are the NASA-approved air purifying agents of the office plant world. But that isn’t the only reason our digital strategist, Trevor, was drawn to Peace Lilies. 
Although allegedly easy to keep alive in office spaces, Peace Lilies have the tendency to wilt when they aren’t receiving enough water or attention. Conversely, they also perk right up when watered. 
Trevor felt this trait gave the attention-craving little plant personality. Peace Lilies are essentially the stage-5 clingers of vegetation.


You’ve seen them expertly arranged with coffee cups and magazines on flatlays throughout your explore page, but you can now also find succulents on Jeff, our lead digital strategist’s, desk. 
Other than being the go-to plant for Instagrammers everywhere, Jeff found that the most appealing aspect of succulents is their ability to thrive in practically any office setting due to their non-reliance on water or direct sunlight. 
Although the plants definitely helped make our office more in-tune with nature, it’s too soon to tell if they helped the team become their absolute most productive selves. Ping-pong breaks are still a necessary part of the work day — plants or no plants.

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