How to Craft a Money-Making Instagram Post

How to Craft a Money-Making Instagram Post

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March 23, 2016

We recently broke 1000 followers on Instagram, and to celebrate we’re dropping a couple hints on how you can make your business Instagram “like-worthy.” Whether you’re trying to promote a product or offer a sneak-peek of your company culture, these tips and tricks will help you step up your Insta-game and magnify your brand.


Draw attention immediately with engaging photos that creatively reflect who you and your company are. Use natural lighting when possible, make a clear point of interest, and keep your eye out for strong colors, shapes, and lines to trick the eye. This is your opportunity to think outside the box and create something that makes your audience double take. Ever seen a Rock-em-Sock-em Referee? Now you have.


Let someone else take the reigns from time to time and put a unique twist on your Insta feed. We passed the camera to designer Luc Boprey during a week long ‘Instagram Takeover’ segment and he incorporated the 321 staff, inspiration from his childhood dreams, and a little photoshop to create this fantastical play on a familiar game.


Being conversational and using playful language makes you a relatable and trusted brand. Appeal to your audience by providing highly informative captions (when appropriate) in a funny and approachable way. Use puns and play-on-words or, worst case scenario, turn to using fun emojis. In this case, we spoke as the person pictured and created a storyline behind the photo.


Unfortunately, your audience cannot be directed to your website directly from a post, but they can access it through your bio. When your photo is relating to a page on your site, like a blog, direct viewers to your bio for the link. Don’t include it on every post though, as the purpose of your Instagram is primarily to raise brand awareness and show your colorful side, not just push products.


Hashtags are an essential ingredient to getting your posts viewed by the world. Develop a strategy to include hashtags that are relevant, industry-related, and crafted with the audience in mind. Recurring hashtags such as #InstagramTakeover make your campaign more easily recognizable and trackable every time you use them.

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