A Digital Dose of Effective Healthcare Marketing

A Digital Dose of Effective Healthcare Marketing

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January 27, 2016

Whether you woke up with a slight cough or fear you’ve come down with a case of Chipotle-induced E.Coli, the first place you’re likely to seek help is your computer. Chances are you may just have a bad case of hypochondria, but regardless, you are turning to the web for medical expertise on any suspicion of an illness. And yes, you can actually be diagnosed with Hypochondria on WebMD.

Obviously, the internet cannot replace real medical advice from your doctor or physician. But what does this phenomenon mean for the healthcare industry as they strive to attract revenue-generating patients? While WebMD and similar sites cannot accurately diagnose every ailment, the internet has helped patients make more informed healthcare provider choices. Thus, many hospitals, clinics, and medical centers are focusing their marketing efforts on digital tactics to reach those looking online for health information.



A responsive and appealing website is absolutely vital and can many times be the difference between a potential patient calling for an appointment or moving on to the next link on Google. Make your website the primary resource patients turn to when seeking expert advice and let it overflow with rich information like explanations of conditions, causes, symptoms, treatments, and how your practice can help.

Aesthetically, your website should look just as reliable as your expertise. A modern, classy style with consistent branding across all pages is a must. Remember that your website is most likely the first impression a potential patient will get of your company. It should be organized, easy to navigate, and up to date.


Statistics report that mobile devices account for 60 percent of online traffic, and that number continues to rise every year. Therefore, it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly. Compatibility with smartphones and tablets has a significant impact on Google ranking, mobile search in all languages worldwide, and enhanced user experience.

Many organizations also turn to app building to further engage those looking for quick and helpful wellness advice. All Healthcare providers would do well to create engaging and interactive apps that enhance the consumer experience and make the company a go-to for reliable wellness information.


Search engine marketing provides a more targeted approach than traditional marketing and has become the forefront of many healthcare campaigns. Developing a strong digital strategy allows you to more easily see a return on investment and sets you apart in this high-competition market. However, SEO is not a one-time job. It is an ongoing process that includes in-depth research of keywords for your website, analyzing their performance and making necessary adjustments. Every page of your site should be optimized in all aspects, from content to URL, meta-tags, links, and even photo captions. You can also increase your presence on Google by link-building, or being cited as resources by other sites. Healthcare marketing providers do this by connecting with industry websites that link back to their site by building relationships with key influencers and writing blogs or posts for their page.

Social Media

Perhaps more so than any other industry, consumer testimonials are a driving force of healthcare marketing tactics. Social media gives healthcare providers a great outlet for patients to voice their opinions and connect them with each other. Each platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. must be adapted to suit its particular audience in the most effective way possible. Consistency across all mediums and strategic, frequent posts allow companies to foster relationships with their audience and build online communities.

Regular themed campaigns specifically for social media are also necessary for drawing attention and boosting engagement. For example, Optometrist and Eyewear specialists EyeCare 20/20 launched the campaign “Humans of EyeCare 20/20,” a play on Humans of New York, that included a beautiful collaboration of patient photos and testimonials.

There are a multitude of other ways for healthcare providers to increase their digital presence and build their name as a reliable source of wellness advice and help. Other tactics include content marketing such as blogging, outreach and PR in your local area, and measuring results with marketing automation. Ask about how 321 can make a positive impact on your healthcare business by filling out our contact form.

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