6 Free Dashboard Templates to Leverage Google Analytics

6 Free Dashboard Templates to Leverage Google Analytics

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August 17, 2015

Consider it a partial victory if your business has a Google Analytics account or a similar Web traffic-monitoring tool. Unfortunately, studies still show that many small businesses are not properly leveraging data, or even looking at it. Feeling overwhelmed at first is perfectly normal.

There’s a lot to digest, e.g., Sessions, Users, Page views, Bounce Rate, Average Session Duration. And that’s just what you see when you log in; not to mention any behavioral or conversion tracking.

However, if you or your tech guru has an elementary understanding of Google Analytics, there are free tools available to better discern your audience’s movements. Enter the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery — your new best friend.

It’s chock full of goodies, Custom Reports and Advanced Segments templates— a delicious assortment of crowdsourced candy.

Let’s focus on Dashboards because they are the heart of Google Analytics. Utilizing widgets, dashboards give a quick glimpse into site performance and goals. Just five minutes each day will make you a smarter website (and business) owner.

Now, every website or business is unique and KPIs  (Key Performance Indicators) will vary when it comes to basic analytics. Even if you haven’t completely instituted everything Google has to offer (such as setting up Acquisition and eCommerce goals) the following free dashboards are a good place to start.

Our top 6 favorite dashboards:

Dashboard installation instructions

  1. After logging into Google Analytics, select a dashboard link listed in this article.
  2. Select IMPORT from the top of the specific dashboard template listing.
  3. In the dashboard configuration drop-down menu, choose your website property where you want to install the dashboard. Then, select CREATE.
  4. Your new dashboard will be listed under DASHBOARD < PRIVATE under the Reporting tab.

To browse more dashboards and other reporting templates, visit the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery.

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