4 Proven Ways to Boost User Engagement on Instagram

4 Proven Ways to Boost User Engagement on Instagram

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January 24, 2018

With more than 25 million businesses on Instagram, it’s safe to say the market is a bit oversaturated when it comes to sharing on the platform. And, due to recent algorithm changes, it’s become increasingly difficult to reach your followers through conventional posting.
However, this doesn’t mean you should count Instagram out of your strategy for fear of being background noise. Below we’ve rounded up a few ways to stand out from the crowd and take your Instagram reach to the next level.


Take advantage of Instagram’s recent stories feature by posting regularly, even if you’re not sharing content to your feed. While the traditional feed is no longer chronological, stories are, which are a big plus when sharing time-sensitive content. Go a step further by posting a story every time you have a new post to notify your followers to check it out.
The algorithm also takes into account Instagram story engagement. This means that whenever a user replies to your story or participates in a poll on your story, your content becomes more likely to pop up regularly on the user’s newsfeed.
Additionally, you can now highlight stories on your profile page, which is a great opportunity to curate content relevant to your audience in an interactive manner. Get creative and use the highlights to showcase content from your stories after the 24-hour mark. It’s also a great tool to give potential followers a snapshot of what your brand is about before they scroll down to see the rest of your posts.


Instagram is a visual platform, so it only makes sense to share high-quality content. Many accounts try to share as much as possible to stay relevant, but often, this can lead to cluttered, off-brand feeds and annoy followers in the process.
Instead, craft your feed to reflect your brand. Develop a social media style guide for reference if you must, but make sure your content is visually-pleasing and serves a purpose. If that means sharing fewer posts, that’s okay. It’s about quality content over quantity of posts.


There are millions of businesses to follow on Instagram. What sets yours apart? Find your niche and run with it. The more creative, the better.
A good way to find your niche is to identify the top-performing posts in your feed. Use these posts as a reference when creating new content, whether it be a specific theme, coloring, caption or the subject matter.


Sponsored posts are no longer reserved for just your Facebook strategy. Incorporate paid content into your Instagram feed to offset the lack of engagement from organic posts. Utilize the tools from your business profile or even Facebook’s Ad Manager for more detailed campaigns. This gives you the ability to promote specific posts and to choose the audience it reaches, linking to either your profile or website.
Besides promoted posts, another great way to deliver sponsored content is through influencer marketing. Connecting with the right influencers can help you reach new audiences and increase brand awareness through follower growth and engagement. Influencers can also provide unique, quality content to share on your own profile.

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