5 Lessons from the Queen of Marketing: Beyonce

5 Lessons from the Queen of Marketing: Beyonce

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May 19, 2016


From the days of Destiny’s Child to her recently dropped video and 6th studio album LemonadeBeyonce never fails to blow us away with powerful performances, connection with her fans, and strong messages that make her brand a force to be reckoned with. We can take a lot of tips from the Queen B of marketing and a glimpse into how she makes herself absolutely irresistible.

1. She’s Personable

Beyonce goes beyond demographics when understanding her fans. She addresses issues of race, relationships, equality, and culture in both subtle and overt ways. She’s not only addressing the issues that matter to her but also reflecting the feelings of her fans. In this way, she’s actively turned her music into a movement and gives her audience an outlet to share their similar experiences, struggles, and emotions. Don’t limit yourself to knowing your followers by age, sex, and gender. What keeps them up at night? What really matters to them? What topics get them fired up?

2. She Raises the Hype

Talk about a master plan. Beyonce’s latest project Lemonade and her subsequent Formation Tour were huge hits not just because they’re amazing, but because of her added element of surprise and curiosity. This certainly couldn’t have been accomplished to this capacity or sparked so much conversation had it not been under wraps by her and her entire team until launch date. When initiating a marketing campaign or releasing a new brand, sometimes secrets do make friends. Keeping things under wraps for as long as possible combined with an expertly crafted strategy builds suspense and skyrockets your campaign or product launch. Additionally, carefully build your team of passionate, loyal marketers who will ensure your discretion.

3. She Dares to be Different

While there are plenty of marketing rules to live by, you can’t underestimate the power of stepping outside of the box. Though Lemonade was certainly not Beyonce’s first visual album it does extend beyond the usual scope of most music releases. Even if your ideas may seem risky, entrepreneurs have to be confident with their good ideas and creating new standards for their industry. This is vital to building a unique brand and standing out.

4. She Creates a One-of-a-Kind Experience

Beyonce’s unique marketing tactics and her ability to get in touch with her audience’s emotions are what make the Lemonade experience just that, an experience. She’s built a community with her “Beyhive” of loyal fans who will come after anyone who tries to taint the name of the Queen. You can similarly create a devoted community by engaging with them on your blog, social accounts, and email list. This is also a great way to get to know what makes them tick. Additionally, use all mediums possible for your campaigns, product launches, and brand. Lemonade isn’t just an album. It’s a film, a commentary, a home movie, and a movement.

5. She Builds A Story

Perhaps what makes Lemonade so amazing is it’s pure authenticity. Bey took full control of her narrative by harnessing her power to create her own story, not just what the public expected from her. After years of speculation about the marriage of Beyonce and Jay-Z they both decided to face the discussion head-on by creating a compelling story about love, power, infidelity, and forgiveness. Remember, you have power over your own reputation as a brand and only you can decide how your story will end.

One things for sure, Beyonce has dominated far more than the billboard charts in 2016. She’s taken over the social conversation in areas such as fashion, politics, technology, equality, and culture. And we can guarantee the next time she drops an an album or video she’ll take over the world all over again. If you’re interested in putting a little “Bey” in your marketing plan, chat with us about how we can help you connect with your audience, create memorable and engaging content, and maybe even run the world.

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