Healthy Living: Changing a Trend into a Lifestyle

Healthy Living: Changing a Trend into a Lifestyle

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By: 321

August 25, 2014


Looking at the buildings as we walk down the streets, we see an incline of 24-hour fitness gyms, yoga studios, fresh organic eateries, and magazines with “10 ways to lose weight” written in big, bold letters. When it comes to 2014, apparently everyone decided to jump on the health bandwagon. I understand as the New Year comes around it’s a chance to say goodbye to the old you and hopefully change yourself for the better. That is why we have New Year’s resolutions, right?
Well, usually those fads fade out fast. After 2 months (or even 2 weeks) of telling yourself you will lose weight or eat better, those Oreos that you hid start to look pretty inviting. Then as the next New Year comes around you make the same resolution again and vow to ‘really’ stick with it this time. Though being healthy should not be something you have to take a pledge to do, it should be a lifestyle.
As a young college student I know a thing or two about healthy lifestyles, and how easy it can be to lose track of staying healthy. In 2012, I was admitted to the hospital and then was informed by the doctor that I had to make a change. There would be no more long, sleepless nights, pizza wasn’t an option for a meal 5 out of the 7 nights a week, and my long absence at the gym was about to change. This was a big wake-up call in regards to my health, and helped alter the view of what staying healthy real means to those around me.
With everything being so fast-paced in our generation, it is effortless to go to a drive-thru, drive cars, or even skip meals, none of which is beneficial to us long term. Recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle sooner rather than later can impact our lives drastically. Not only will investing in a bike help your wallet, it will allow you to stay active throughout the day.
As I log into social media, it seems like all I’m seeing is a competition between who can be the healthiest on Facebook or Instagram. Constant check-in’s at the gym and transformation pictures of weight loss flood my newsfeed. It seems as if people are more concerned with how many ‘likes’ they can get rather than how many pounds they lose.
With all that being said, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of being healthy instead of implementing changes in your everyday life. Health issues are becoming more predominant, so it is crucial to educate yourself and make healthy choices rather than easy choices before you no longer have that option. Before you pull into the closest fast food restaurant, think about your health!

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