Diversity is “The Force” of Good Marketing

Diversity is “The Force” of Good Marketing

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By: 321

December 22, 2015

If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, get on it. If you already have you may have noticed the impressive casting unlike any of it’s predecessors. A black man- British actor John Boyega- stars as the lead character alongside female actress Daisy Ridley and they both did a badass job if we do say so ourselves. However, this casting decision has brought up much controversy, both good and bad. 2015 saw plenty more examples of diversity in the media and advertising such as Gina Rodriquez of “Jane the Virgin” winning a Golden Globe, Cambell’s soup commercials featuring same-sex couples, and Kohl’s presenting bi-racial families. We can’t help but to respond with “It’s about time!” A key concept to marketing in this ever-expanding technological age is that we have far more control over who sees what and through what mediums. And let’s be honest, the United States is a much larger cultural melting pot than it was in the 1950’s, so long ago are the days of “I Love Lucy” and similar media dominated by a single race or gender. Fragmented audiences mean new ways of marketing, more direct targeting, and a larger opportunity to reach out to those who understand and accept diverse messages. 
Check out David Vinjamuri’s article in Forbes Magazine “Diversity In Advertising Is Good Marketing” for a full breakdown of diversity in the media over the ages, and more particularly this past year. At 321 we celebrate diversity by honing in how our audiences think and how we can creatively inspire them no matter their background.

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