Company Values Matter. Here Are Ours.

Company Values Matter. Here Are Ours.

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By: 321

December 22, 2020

Company values aren’t (or, well, shouldn’t be) just a handful of “feel-good” words in a handbook or orientation kit — inked onto paper, then left to the wayside. When thoughtfully written and supported, company values are an important tool in policy creation, employee growth, clear communication, and overall strong culture.

At 321, our company values are based on behaviors we most appreciate and respect in our coworkers. They are written to be actionable. When we tell interview candidates and new hires that we measure each other according to our values often, we mean it. Decisions to hire, let go, promote and bonus always factor into these areas we believe in:

1. Focus on What Matters

Ignore the bullshit. Stop. Take a breath. Get to the heart of it.

If you work in an agency, you know things can get hectic. We’re wearing multiple hats and a lot of information and decision-making is coming at us, fast. Whether in internal meetings or strategizing for a client, that’s when we stop and ask ourselves, “What is the end game?” Once we’ve pulled the gem out of the rubble, we start running again.

2. Take Ownership

Be confident. Plant your flag. Lead with determination.

We’ve handpicked every person on our team for a very specific reason: they know their stuff. So we encourage everyone to speak up and lean in. We trust our team to be decisive and make their best call. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but that’s ok, too. A little risk-taking is part of the game.

3. Be a Solutionist

Challenge yourself. Be creative. Share your ideas freely.

Nothing is worse than coming to the table with 20 problems and not even a speck of a solution. We’re in the problem-solving business and we know all of our team members can be a part of the solution. Great ideas can come from anywhere.

4. Control the Temperature

Be the thermostat. Set the energy. Know when to raise and when to lower it.

Our energy has more power than we often recognize. One person can reinvigorate a room and one person can suck the life out of it. At 321, we want to support each other’s moods in a healthy way. Stress does happen, but how we utilize our support systems to talk it through makes all the difference.

For marketers looking to invest in an agency that aligns with these values, connect with us. Let’s start making moments together.

And for those looking to work for a values-driven team that supports each other, follow us on Instagram and visit our Careers page as we continually post “new hire” updates.

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