321 Wins Not 1, but 2 Creative Office Space Awards!

321 Wins Not 1, but 2 Creative Office Space Awards!

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By: 321

April 10, 2018

321 Wins Not 1, but 2 Creative Office Space Awards!
Previously located in the SoDo area, our team has happily inhabited our Downtown Orlando location for a little over a year and we could not be more proud of how far this once-vacant space has come. 
We were recently honored at not one, but two separate award ceremonies praising our office’s use of decor and design to portray our company culture throughout the space. These awards include the Golden Brick Award for Office Renovation and the Orlando Business Journal’s Award for Coolest Office Spaces. 
We were so thrilled to have been recognized for the outstanding design and the collaboration amongst our team that characterized our relocation into our new space.

Golden Brick Award for Office Renovation
The annual Golden Brick Awards honor companies whose office excellence in design positively impact the economic and cultural development of Downtown Orlando. We received the award specifically for office renovations for our complete redesign of a completely blank office space. 
When presented with the 7,000-square-foot space, our founder and CEO, Joe Boutin, saw an opportunity to imagine and create a custom collaborative space completely from scratch. “As an agency that prides itself on our creativity, there’s nothing better than to be given a blank canvas to create a space that inspires creativity from every direction,” Joe said
And inspire it does. Our office is a large, shared space that allows us as employees to not only easily contribute to projects together but also allows us to build collaborative relationships with each other. 

The OBJ Award for Coolest Office Spaces
The Orlando Business Journal’s Award for Coolest Office Spaces is awarded to companies with exceptionally creative design for their office environments that represent their company culture. 
Hammocks, a TV wall, and mid-century modern inspired open spaces are just some of the elements that take our headquarters from regular office to uniquely vibrant workspace. 
When asked to describe his favorite part about our office’s design, Joe mentioned that “our floor-to-ceiling windows provide sweeping views of the city, which simultaneously serve as inspiration for our work,” and we couldn’t agree more.  

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