321’s LYNX Video Wins First-Place Award

321’s LYNX Video Wins First-Place Award

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By: 321

November 17, 2017

Add another one to the books! A video we produced for LYNX, highlighting new technology features aimed at enhancing the customer experience, has been honored with a first-place marketing award from the Florida Public Transportation Association (FTPA).
LYNX approached us in late 2016 to create a video that would showcase new tech features they would be rolling out in 2017 in an effort to enhance the overall customer experience. These features included free Wi-Fi, the LYNX Bus Tracker real-time app, NeighborLink trip booking and LYNX PawPass, a new mobile payment app.
We created a progressive, contemporary and technology-driven video that focuses on the user experience through the journey of LYNX customers. Stylistically, the video combines fresh, energetic videography with clean, sleek motion graphics — all working together to highlight the technologies LYNX was planning to deploy throughout the year.

This recognition is a big win for us, as it was the first project lead by our creative director, Carmen Treffiletti, after he joined the team. When asked why he believes the video was award-winning, Carmen said, “I think it was how we used real-word scenarios to explain the technology. We actually placed the users amongst the passengers on the bus, allowing viewers to see how easy the applications are to use.”
See more of our video production process!

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