Relaunching 321: The Story Behind the Rebrand

Relaunching 321: The Story Behind the Rebrand

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By: 321

April 2, 2018

Relaunching 321: The Story Behind the Rebrand 
As a full-service, integrated marketing agency, our mission from conception was to work with our partners to deliver marketing solutions that are not only visually appealing, but are also quantifiable and backed by data.
So it comes as no surprise that when our founder and CEO, Joe Boutin, believed 321 was due for a complete rebrand, he decided that all of the elements that represent who we are as an agency would need to be expressed meaningfully throughout all aspects of the new brand. 
The following is the story behind the rebrand — including how each element combines to reflect the mission, vision and values of our team here at 321.  

‘Digitally Driven. Creatively Disruptive.’
When trying to come up with a tagline that would best encompass our agency, we landed on “Digitally Driven. Creatively Disruptive.” 
This is a mantra speaks to everything we do here at 321 — from crafting enticing copy to designing beautiful websites, everything falls back on the digital data that allows us to see if our creative efforts are providing meaningful marketing solutions to our clients.  

Symbolism Behind the Ø 
We also unveiled a new logo to go along with the new tagline at our brand relaunch event, which took place on March 21 (a.k.a. 3/21 — see what we did there?). 
Our creative director, Carmen Treffiletti, explained that the logo design is a variation of a zero, which symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings and the seeds from which new life emerges.
Through this zero is a slash that bisects the logo, dividing it into two equal sections, which represents the core of our agency — the digitally driven and the creatively disruptive. 

Birth of an Agency 
At 321, we believe life isn’t a continuum of time, but a culmination of moments that come together to create experiences. Joe Boutin attributes the birth of 321 to a specific moment he lived while growing up on Florida’s Space Coast. 
Watching rockets launch from his backyard in the heart of the space program, Joe realized that what was most inspiring to him about the launches wasn’t the actual lift off, but the build up leading up to the moment. 
The “3…2…1…” before lift off was a direct embodiment of the countless hours of collaborative effort and hard work put in by the team that made the launch possible. The zero, or lift off, was the fruition of all of those efforts. 
Our team is the build up, the hard work, the efforts of passionate humans working toward a common goal — the success of our clients is the lift off. Which ties all the way back to the zero from which our logo is derived.
A countdown, leading to a moment.  Ø.

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