321 Wins PR Award for ‘It’s a Nurse’ Video

321 Wins PR Award for ‘It’s a Nurse’ Video

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By: 321

April 11, 2018

321 Wins PR Award for ‘It’s a Nurse’ Video
We are thrilled to announce that we were chosen as the grand prize winner for “Best Overall Video” for PR Daily’s Video & Visual Awards for our “It’s a Nurse” video we produced for healthcare client Health First. 
It’s a Nurse, which can be viewed here, was inspired by a 10-page letter written to the nursing staff at Health First from a mother whose son, a heroin addict, died of heart failure. The story is told through photos as the letter is narrated word-for-word. 
The result is a powerful video that generated more than 860,000 views on YouTube. It was shared on Facebook more than 24,000 times (far surpassing the original goal of 500 shares). It was eventually picked up my multiple media outlets, and a DVD was distributed to every nurse on the Health First team. 
What we love most about this video is that it showcases the importance of brand authenticity and the power of storytelling — two attributes that, when executed properly, have proven time and time again to resonate with audiences. 
While this story was particularly compelling (not to mention timely, given the nationwide focus on the opioid epidemic), the biggest takeaway for brands looking to create a “viral video” or “viral marketing campaign” is that, regardless of your industry, if you look hard enough and pay close enough attention to the impact your product or service has on the end user, you’ll find that there are stories just waiting to be told. 
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