3 Ways 321 Spreads the Holiday Cheer (And How You Can Too)

3 Ways 321 Spreads the Holiday Cheer (And How You Can Too)

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By: 321

December 17, 2015

Company culture is valued now more than ever and what a better time to show some love for the people you spend most of your day with than during the holiday season when people are in good spirits and there’s a bit of a jingle in the air. Here are three ways we bring the holiday cheer at 321 and how you can do the same in your office.

1. Parties, Shindigs, and Get-Togethers

This seems like a given, but holiday parties are a great way to show your appreciation not only for what your employees or co-workers bring to the company, but for who they are as individuals. Not to toot our own horn, but our annual Christmas party a few weeks ago was an event we were looking forward to for months. It allowed us to let loose in a non-work related setting, was a chance for us to get a little dressed up, and was the perfect time to show our love not only to each other but to the place that brought us together. It also included amazing food, drinks, and the eagerly anticipated Moofie Awards (think The Office’s Dundies but with even more pizazz).

2. Gift Like A Boss

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s really not about the money. The key is to be personal and show you listen to your co-workers and appreciate their individual quirks and interests. Secret Santa is a great way to do this. Did you notice someone in the office loves cats or overheard them talking about their favorite TV show or that scarf they really wanted? Our Secret Santa gifts ranged from customized portraits, pillows and snow globes to a giant stuffed Dr. Who sonic screwdriver. There’s no feeling quite like the whole team opening their gifts at once and feeling a deeper connection to each other because they feel heard and cherished as individuals.

3. Share Family Traditions

The holiday season is naturally associated with home, comfort, and that warm feeling of gratitude for wherever you’re at in life. Invite the team to bring their family traditions to the office family, whether they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or nothing at all. Our marketing coordinator Kim brought her very own Elf on a Shelf to the office, a tradition some of us weren’t even familiar with until now. Behind our doors you can also find fully stuffed stockings, a decked out Christmas tree, a menorah, and an occasional holiday tune in the air. Think of ways you can personally reach out to your co-workers this season, whether that’s making everyone cookies or even just having a more positive attitude to carry into the new year. Feeling at home in your workplace is comforting, motivating, and fosters a sense of togetherness that can only breed great results in business.

With a little effort during the holidays to come together aside from work-related matters, your company will surely end the year on a high note and be ready to ring in the new year in great spirits. Holidays are about being with the people you care about and all companies should use this as an opportunity to draw closer to each other. Your clients will feel your sense of partnership and unity and that will shine through in your work. The 321 team is ecstatic to finish off the year closer than ever and wish you all a very happy holidays.   

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