Our Team Took a Leap This Fall

Our Team Took a Leap This Fall

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By: 321

October 31, 2014

The Fall season…welcoming to crisp weather and exceptional scenery. It is during this season that the leaves change in color, the weather dips in degree, and the mood of an overall society seems to settle. At the start of this graceful season, 321 Creative experienced a slight change of scenery, as well.
We moved! Our former office, once a brick-laden microcosm of what we currently occupy, served us for two monumental years. We took on new clients in this small space, ate lunch with chop sticks, binged on Keurig-crafted coffee, and evolved our family of fueled imaginaries.
With the expansion of our team, equally arrived the small cracking of our once comfortable shell. Our shelter remained the same size, while our team did not! New employees, interns, and the occasional dog or two quickly trickled in. We were determined to continue this growth, and so were the walls of our home.
For now, here’s a little IKEA lunch break action. A home is not a home until you’ve ‘Kea’d. Stay tuned and stay in touch, and we will officially uncover our new nest where we so happily feel nestled in!

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