321 Client Spotlight: SmartTrader

321 Client Spotlight: SmartTrader

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By: Chelsea Stonerock

April 24, 2020

Cryptos. Candlesticks. Indicators.

These are words that, until recently, would have made our team go a bit cross eyed. But in late 2019, 321 partnered with a new client that doesn’t just understand these words, they’re the experts in them. SmartTrader is an Orlando-based forex trading and charting platform looking to stand out from the competition. That’s where we’re the experts.

While SmartTrader knows they have a more advanced, unique offering than the competition, brands like Robinhood and Stash have blown up in popularity with millennial investors. Unlike these other tools, SmartTrader is tailored towards intermediate and advanced traders. Knowing all of this, we wanted to walk the line between highlighting their rich investment features, while also showcasing usability that attracts newbies. Our lead designer on the project, Cristian Donoso, says, “The objective as a designer was to give a fresh and modern take on trading.” By creating a new color palette consisting of blue and yellow, Cristian gave the brand the ability to be bold and exciting, while also emphasizing stability. Flat design icons and attention grabbing visuals also aided in making a complicated subject approachable.

These design choices combined with a developed brand voice that is both personable and knowledgeable, shows SmartTrader “gets it” when it comes to what investors want, because they are investors, too. “Investing is not an easy subject to market because the risk to consumers is high when money is involved. But we identified that our end users aren’t just smart, they’re also the type of people willing to take risks. So we could, and did, go out of the box with our design and language,” says Camila DeBierre, Digital Strategist on the project.

Over the last several months, our team launched a social campaign focused largely on lead generation. We’ve expanded our approach through audience profiles tailored for the  SmartTrader brand. Currently in development is a series of social media placements for each audience profile – the current emphasis on individuals existing within the trading community. Our approach is working and we’re seeing the impact our creative strategy has with a 98.4% decrease in cost per conversion. “We’re continuing to test our placements through the use of AB testing so we can see the same level of results while lowering the cost per  conversion even more,” adds Camila. 

Throughout 2020 and beyond, we are excited to continue working with SmartTrader  — fine-tuning their brand and honing a strategic approach that has shown a lot of potential in the marketplace. Be on the lookout on our social media pages to keep up with all of the changes coming soon.

Written By

+ Chelsea Stonerock

Director of People + Culture

Starting her career out on the creative side of an agency, Chelsea found her true calling when she shifted to the operations lane and became a leader in people and culture in the agency world. A graduate of Rollins College and Savannah College of Art and Design, Chelsea is a continuous learner, discovering how genuine empathy and radically candid communication can help shape a modern workplace. She currently gets out of bed every day to help make 321 The Agency in downtown Orlando the place for people to create the best experiences and work of their lives.

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