The Future is Now: 321 Launches Tech Department

The Future is Now: 321 Launches Tech Department

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By: 321

May 29, 2018

321 began as a humble, two-person design and creative shop. Since our founding, we have constantly evolved in an effort to provide the most effective marketing and business solutions for our clients.
The Future is Now
In 2014, we pivoted to become a digital creative agency, focused on delivering results-based marketing solutions for the digital world, rather than relying on the traditional agency mentality of “the billboards were the reason our sales increased this quarter, so let’s buy them again!”.
This approach has also allowed us to take a more holistic approach to solving our clients’ problems — crafting unique, customized strategies for each of our clients rather than simply offering a pre-packaged, boilerplate solution.
Through this method, we quickly recognized the need to evolve further — placing a greater emphasis on tech-driven business solutions by integrating technology into our core service offerings. And with that, our brand-spanking-new technology department was born!
Our technology department leverages tech to offer our clients a competitive advantage, with our capabilities falling into the following three categories:

1. Technology Integration.

We live in a digital world, which means many brands already employ technology products to help streamline their business. Whether it’s a CRM, a CMS or another third-party tech software, we integrate what you’re already using, deriving the necessary data and insight to craft the most effective strategy to reach your business goals.

2. Custom Software Creation.

In addition to being technology integrators, we also develop custom technology solutions for businesses whose needs are not yet met by existing third-party software platforms. We adopted this strategy after encountering this problem first-hand with one of our clients. By creating a custom solution to help our client get the maximum benefit from their third-party platform, we were able to optimize their sales funnel, which resulted in an increase in sales and revenue.

3. In-House SaaS Product Creation.

As we began creating custom integration solutions for clients, we began to notice just how many deficiencies there were within the tech software products currently on the market. So, naturally, we saw this as an opportunity to bridge the gap by creating our own SaaS products. We are currently in the process of developing two company-owned software products, with plans to continue evolving alongside the ever-changing technology landscape. (Stay tuned for more details!)

In the meantime, if you’re wondering how our tech department can help you reach your business goals, give us a shout! We’d love to hear from you!

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