Employee Spotlight: A Sit Down with Zoey Zimmerman

Employee Spotlight: A Sit Down with Zoey Zimmerman

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By: 321

March 6, 2019

Our social media specialist, Nico Bryan, recently sat down with 321’s Designer and Health First health system Production Lead, Zoey Zimmerman, to pick her brain on her role, her process, and what drives her creatively. 

What is your role here at 321?
I am on the creative team as a designer and Production Lead for the Health First health system team. 

What does a typical work day look like for you?
Every morning I meet with the Health First team to go over what needs to be done for the day for the quickest possible turnaround. We get organized, bounce ideas off of each other and make sure everyone is on the right track. 
On bigger concept ideas, we all run down all of the details once or twice before we finalize anything.

So, what fuels you on an everyday basis? What keeps you creatively centered? What do you do to inspire yourself?
I follow a lot of cool Instagram accounts, like artists, companies, meme accounts, or just weird miscellaneous things that have an aesthetic and inspire me. 
Some of my favorite accounts right now are @graphicdesigncentral, @pangeaseed, @logoinspirations, @sunbum, @wework, and @roamtheplanet.
I also like to step away from the digital space and go outside to see the sunshine to gain a different perspective. I hate feeling like I’ve had my face buried in front of a computer all day. Getting back to nature is definitely a top priority in my creative process. 

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on so far here at 321?
Creatively, I’ve enjoyed working on  Florida’s Space Coast the most. I loved bringing the whole concept of Instagram GIFs to fruition from start to finish. That was really cool, especially seeing how effective it was in getting uses and views and how it solved a lot of the problems they were having with Snapchat. 
I also really enjoyed being a part of the logo and branding of the Superbia project. We had never encountered a client with essentially no concept of what they wanted to be. It was awesome getting to work with that entire team to build their brand from scratch. 

What made you want to be a designer?
I’ve been really drawn to marketing and appealing to specific audiences through visuals. Also, I’ve always thought the psychology behind is interesting. I took 3 years of web design back in high school and that really prompted me to realize I loved graphic design and that entire aspect of marketing. That led me to go to Full Sail to explore all of my avenues and lock down a career in graphic design.

What is your favorite thing about working here at 321?
My favorite thing about working here is working directly with a team of people that want to see problems be solved in the most effective way possible. 
I just did a campaign with two of the designers that I work with on my team where we each came up with three completely separate concepts but all worked on them collaboratively. It was a really cool feeling to have three really good and effective concepts that everybody worked on together.

Where do you want your career to go? What is your dream job?
I would love to be an art director or creative director for a brand or concept that I established. I think that it would be extremely fulfilling to oversee a team and watch all of your ideas grow right in front of your eyes.  

What music or podcasts do you listen to to get you through the workday?
I like to listen to all of my friends’ playlists because I am too lazy to create my own. I also listen to the Creative Consonance playlist that all of us in the creative department made. Some of my favorite artists are Rainbow Kitten Surprise, The Pixies, Silversun Pickups, the White Stripes, Shakey Graves, the Kooks, the Black Keys, Glass Animals, Cage the Elephant, and Hozier.

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