Employee Spotlight: A Sit Down with Alex Gramatikas

Employee Spotlight: A Sit Down with Alex Gramatikas

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By: 321

April 12, 2019

What is your job title here at 321?
I am a Senior Integrated Account Manager.

What does your typical day look like?
I try to get in a bit earlier, although daylight savings time has not been working in my favor the last few days. I go through emails from clients, check schedules, and then just start going back and forth emailing with clients, checking in on Mavenlink (our project management software), coordinating with directors on upcoming projects, and getting scope of work documents together. 
It is kind of a hectic job, you’re constantly jumping between all of these tasks multiple times throughout the day. 

How do you get yourself mentally prepared for a job that requires so much mental focus? 
I walk to and from work every day instead of driving, I feel like that helps me get a clear head. Once I get to work, I just rip off the bandaid and get started. 
Although there is always something to work on, you eventually get used to the pace. There’s never a lull in the day where I have nothing to do, which is nice because I never get bored.

How did you get into account management?
I graduated in 2009 from Florida State (go Noles!) and I worked as a hostess for a year in between because I could not get a job anywhere. I applied to work for free and even had an internship lined up at Harpo but then they got rid of the program. Nothing was falling into place. 
I finally went to a UCF event and met someone who had a startup marketing company, so I worked as an intern with him, which then turned into a paid position. That was a lot of fun because I got to be a part of their paid campaigns with blog writing and website buildouts — all on a smaller scale than what we do here at 321, but I got my hands on a lot so I have some background knowledge on every facet of what we do here.
Then I decided to go to grad school, during which I started my own business, which was just applying everything I knew on steroids and learning how to react and roll with the punches. It was a huge lesson learned in terms of overall operations. From there, I ended up partnering with a larger company and working on their marketing efforts as well. 
It had been about 10 years since I had worked at an agency and I wanted to get back into it to just make sure I was continuing to improve my own knowledge of everything. An opportunity had opened up at 321 and I cannonballed into it. 

Account Managers are somewhat the nucleus of an agency. They are the connecting point between the different departments and the client. What are some tips and tricks you do to bridge the gap between departments and try to create as seamless of a project as you can?
There is always room for improvement on this just because every client is different, every project is different, and we use different teams of resources on every project so it is always constantly improving. 
Ever since I started a year ago, the level of communication has improved so much because we have worked to break down the silos in our departments and understand how each department works together. 
In my role as Account Manager, I almost act as the clients perspective, a kind of devil’s advocate at some points. We are the facilitators who organize, plan, and keep communications open between clients and resources.

What has been the most rewarding project you’ve seen from start to finish that you have been a part of?
Definitely the Flippers website and the overall branding of the company. It was an evolution that took place over the course of a year. Everyone has been really happy with the outcome and user experience. They have even had customers email them directly saying that they are huge fans of Flippers and love what we have done with the website. 

How do you function in your department? You all work on separate clients so how do you come together and stay on the same page?
It’s been really great because over the past few months we have been bringing in support staff within accounts. We now have Kylie and Kamarya as Project Coordinators. Having those two alone as a support system for Health First and Space Coast has been tremendous. I work in my own bubble for the most part but I go to Melissa a lot for insight and a fresh eye on something. 
As far as working together on a day to day basis, we have an awesome team. We are there to support each other, everyone understands the position we are in. If there are resources or a lack thereof, we are really good at negotiating and loaning time to each other, which has been extremely beneficial. 

Do you listen to anything at work to get you in the right headspace?
When everyone is playing music out loud, that is helpful. There are times I put in headphones but have to stop because people always come up to me so then I just have headphones in without anything playing. 
Sometimes during invoicing, I will play music. A lot of times jazz is great but then I need something to dance to. Generally, whatever is playing around me I will listen to.

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