The Three Corners of Marketing Success With 321

The Three Corners of Marketing Success With 321

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By: 321

November 4, 2020

History will dog-ear 2020 as a pivotal time for business and marketing. Similar to the 1929 depression, the pandemic has disrupted the economy, workforce, and revenue streams for businesses across all verticals around the globe. Marketers are pressured to be more purposeful and personalized for greater return on investment. 

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating brands’ move to digital, and now is the time for marketing leaders to re-evaluate their digital marketing initiatives.


The key to success

For the marketers looking to increase their ROI on shrinking budgets and reduced manpower, outsmarting the competition has become critical. Driven by data, centered in creativity, and focused on ad technology, we are helping brands narrow in on more effective omnichannel marketing.

Our Trident, our belief

Our Agency Trident is the central guiding principle with every engagement or assignment; a 3-pronged approach, it serves as our compass to navigate data and insights. These insights lead to the development of strategic creative and cutting-edge advertising technology that allows us to activate with one-to-one precision.

Our Trident is the “it” that sets us apart from the crowd — an ecosystem we use to craft meticulous end-to-end marketing strategies that drive business growth. 

Data fuels our every move 

Data drives how we think, how we create, and how we propel our clients’ businesses through informed decision-making; it is the entry point to our strategic process. Through our unique online and offline data aggregation platform, we’re able to map the profiles of target consumers — providing in-depth, real-time insights to drive brand positioning and engagement that ignite our creative with intention and purpose.

Our data capabilities:

  • Ethos IP Intelligence. Studies show that 96% of website visitors remain anonymous, yet marketers retarget them as though they were all prospects. Our data aggregation allows us to identify anonymous website visitors and deliver personalized communication to the highest-value prospects, eliminating budget waste.
  • Ethos Geo Intelligence. We are helping marketers identify the mobile device ID’s and IP addresses of prospects at brick and mortar locations, events, and more. Devices matched to households add to the consumer data profile — a model that can be scaled nationally.
  • Ethos R&D Dashboard. We retrieve valuable customer insights ranging from geographic, demographic and psychographic attributes to help define the anonymous prospect — knowledge which can be applied to build models, craft messages and develop offerings that influence.

Creative that compels the market rather than clouding it.

As an award-winning agency, we were founded on the principle of brand development. To this day, it’s the cynosure of everything we do. From our Gold-winning mobile application development for Florida’s Space Coast Launches to our creative activation of a cigar and whiskey brand with a story to tell, we are building brand identities from the inside out. 

By understanding our audience identities through data and analytics, our creative briefs are made firmer, and thus, our brand positioning is stronger. Merging consumer insights with creative strategy, we are driving actionable brand engagement in an emotional way.

EXplore more case studies for a look inside.

Advertising technology that activates with precision

Once we’ve combined the upfront consumer data with purposeful creative, we activate our communication streams. From competitive conquesting at a B2B level to offline retargeting, we are revolutionizing the way media campaigns are activated. 

Our ad technology suite is powered by the ability to connect individual mobile device IDs with user behaviors tied to the physical addresses — all while breaking away from the inaccuracy of cookies.

Ultimately, we are cutting waste and increasing ROI by getting brands closer to the right consumer with direct online and offline data access to prove efficacy.

We are 321

A unique culmination of business intelligence, strategically crafted creative and performance-driven marketing, we provide the blueprint for improved business and marketing decisions. We are propelled by solving business challenges, investing ourselves in becoming the experts of your brand and its consumers.

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